AFMA Forum 2020


As an integral part of South Africa’s agricultural scene since 1945, AFMA has adapted to change and fulfilled its commitment to its members by keeping them informed of technical and regulatory changes within the feed industry. As it has grown and strengthened over the years, AFMA has become recognised for its role in agriculture not only locally, but also on the international stage where it has attended and contributed to meetings of the world’s leading feed producers and manufacturers.

Themed – ‘Explore today for a better tomorrow’ – the world-class conference programme will cover everything from the changing face of technology to the challenges faced by an industry grappling with the demands of climate change and food security.


  • Commercial feed manufacturers
  • Premix manufacturers
  • Feed additive manufacturers
  • Feedlot industry
  • Food manufacturing & processing industry
  • Pet food manufacturers
  • Rendering- and animal by-product industry
  • Government regulators of the feed & food value chain
  • Animal health industry and service providers
  • Pig producers (on-farm feed manufacturers)
  • Dairy producers (on-farm feed manufacturers)
  • Cattle producers (on-farm feed manufacturers)
  • Sheep producers (on-farm feed manufacturers)
  • Ostrich producers (on-farm feed manufacturers)
  • Game producers (on-farm feed manufacturers)
  • Oilseeds crushers and processors
  • Analytical and laboratory services
  • Trading and procurement services
  • Quality and traceability services
  • Academic professionals and students in agriculture
  • Biofuel and renewable energy industries
  • Fertiliser industry
  • International government and non-government organisations


AFMA Forum 2020 will explore the challenges facing our sector. It will also aim to offer constructive and collaborative approaches to finding solutions, and ways of encouraging dialogue between the public and private sectors. The challenges faced by the feed- and livestock industry in South Africa today and in the future could include:

  • Meeting consumer expectations
  • Dealing with consumer misconceptions
  • Conquering new biological frontiers (incl. antimicrobial resistance)
  • Environmental concerns (sustainability)
  • Socio-economic realities
  • Identifying regulatory constraints that could impact the industry
  • The Digital revolution and its impact on production and quality
  • Infrastructure constraints (electricity, fuel, water, roads etc.)
  • Traceability

The areas to search for solutions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Nutritional innovation
  • Precision livestock farming
  • Blockchain technology
  • Confronting myths with facts (animal products & production)
  • Feed technology
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Antibiotic-free production
  • Ingredient quality and feed safety
  • Ethical animal husbandry and welfare practices
  • Public-private partnerships
More Information
Date: 03 March 2020 to 05 March 2020
City: Rustenburg
Venue: Sun City

ContactInfo: Sun City Convention Centre