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BRCGS Food Safety Issue 8 Lead Auditor Training | NSF

In Online On 06 July 2020 - 10 July 2020

This 5-day in-depth course will provide an understanding of the Standard in terms of the protocol, requirements and how to audit effectively. Delegates will gain an in-depth guide to the requirements of the Standard, and learn how to undertake a BRCG

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GlobalGAP v5.2 | NSF

In Online On 13 July 2020 - 14 July 2020

Overview of the GLOBALG.A.P. Regulations.How to interpret the Standard’s Compliance Criteria. Using the GLOBALG.A.P. supporting documentation to help develop and implement Good Agricultural Practices...

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Root Cause Analysis | NSF

In Online On 14 July 2020

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method for problem-solving that identifies permanent practical solutions. RCA is required as part of corrective action in GFSI-benchmarked schemes. If you struggle with repeat non-conformances or problems that seem hard

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R638 | NSF

In Online On 15 July 2020

Certificate of acceptability, Prohibition on the handling and transportation of food. Duties of the person in charge of food premises. Duties of a food handler. Standards and requirements for food premises. Standards and requirements for food contain

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Food Fraud | NSF

In Online On 27 July 2020

Understand and be able to act on:How to reduce the cost of fraud in your own business. The opportunities for fraud,The signs of fraud – red flags, How to utilise risk assessment models for both raw materials and suppliers, How to build business res

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Food Defence | NSF

In Online On 28 July 2020

This one-day course is designed to provide attendees with a thorough understanding of Food Defense. The course is designed to help you know how to protect your brand and your facility from intentional harm. This will drive the requirement for a robu

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R638 | NSF

In Online On 29 July 2020

Prohibition on the handling and transportation of food, Duties of the person in charge of food premises, Duties of a food handler, Standards and requirements for food premises,Standards and requirements for food containers, appliances and equipment..

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BRCGS Food Issue 8 Sites | NSF

In Online On 30 July 2020 - 31 July 2020

This course has been designed to enable delegates to gain a full understanding of the general principles of the standard, and how to comply with the requirements. Delegates will also gain an understanding of what to expect during the process of certi

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Online Course in Food Microbiology

In Online On 01 September 2020

The course also focuses on providing you with a good working knowledge of seed taxonomy, morphology and reproductive biology in the workplace that will enable you to look into pollen and ovule development, pollination and fertilisation,...

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