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By Pinky and the Brain on 25 June 2020

Hello to all of you in the food industry, from the secret offices of Pinky and the Brain! We are frustrated! No, it is not about the lockdown or restrictions… We are so ready to explode that we are actually looking for options to expose what is really going on! Is it time that Carte Blanche starts visiting the food industries as regularly as they are in Cape Town? It is a shame Devi Sankaree Govender has left Carte Blanche, as she is exactly what quality in the food industry needs... Let us tell you the truth…

  • Consumers think their food is safe – Hahahaha! If they only knew…
  • It is the responsibility of food testing laboratories TO TEST THESE PRODUCTS for pathogens – and not only make sure the results look good for the food industry.
  • Microbial testing is a critical component of food safety programmes.
  • Testing is used to ensure that food safety measures are effective.
  • IF you need to regularly re-test for microbes such as Salmonella, for example, it indicates that there is a problem with this specific organism and it needs to be intensely focused on.
  • Yes, people die because of what they eat.

The fact of the matter is this: How long will companies in the food industry be able to continue sidestepping the truth about what the real quality of their products are? A company would much rather switch laboratories then hear the truth! Since when has quality become what we WANT to hear and not the true and rock-hard facts?

If you never pick up microorganisms and pathogens in your facility and you produce raw meat, for example, please start realising that there is a better chance of BAFANA BAFANA winning a World Cup blindfolded, than that actually being true. Would you rather know what is going on with your product or would you like Derek Watts and your manager to come and knock on your door and tell you people are actually getting sick and dying of your product?

While Pinky and the Brain were busy taking over the world (as usual), we realized that good quality in the food industry in South Africa is becoming non-existent… it has disappeared, just like the right to legally buy cigarettes! With 2020 being a year of many new regulations and procedures, you do not want to be the company that sells bad quality products… You will not survive, especially given the newfound focus on hygiene and health! We, as South Africans, do not forgive so easily. We have to start focusing on the right way and not the easy way… We need companies that focus on ethical practises and who are not overruled by profit, companies that want to develop a long-standing relationship with their clients – one based on good service!

It is time that we start realising there is a definite right or wrong… start voicing the fact that we deserve the best quality! If your company is preaching excellent quality – you better start living up to it!! Carte Blanche are hungry for the next unethical scope in South Africa and Pinky and the Brian are one of the spies in disguise for Derek Watts and his team.

All this talk about bad quality, has made us realize information is key…

Join us next time for some interesting facts about how to test your testing laboratory!


Till next time – yes, we do not eat everywhere –

Pinky and The Brain!


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