WEBINAR | An Introduction to Biofilms in the Dairy Industry

By Food Focus on 01 August 2022

16 August  2022

10h00 - 11h00


Biofilms in the dairy processing industry are a big concern, since they threaten the quality and safety of dairy products.  The growth of bacterial biofilms is the primary reason for microbial contamination of milk and other dairy products and the effective monitoring for biofilms remains an ongoing challenge.

Join us for an information packed discussion on biofilms! 

We will be discussing what biofilms are, how they are formed as well as mitigation strategies that can be implemented in the dairy industry.

Make sure you register for this webinar and don’t miss out on an insightful session on biofilms in the dairy industry!


Justin Peterson, AFCO NutroChem


Justin Peterson is the Director of Research and Development for AFCO | Zep's North American Food and Beverage Division.

He has been with AFCO since 2005 and spends his time in the R&D and Quality Control laboratories of AFCO and Zep, developing new technologies.

Justin also has presence in the field providing food safety and hygiene consultations as well as training and educational presentations for the Food and Beverage Industry. 

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