Webinar | Using technology to implement effective traceability

Webinar Recording

By Food Focus on 11 August 2019

If you missed this webinar,  Food Focus chatted to Kyle Parker from Mitas Corporation.  Kyle is a Traceability Guru, Mr Marking and world authority on Marking, Identification, Traceability and Authentication. He shared with us on getting technology to work for you in implementing effective traceability in the food industry.

About the Presenter

Kyle Parker has been involved with marking, identification and traceability solutions since 1990. Kyle’s first company, which he started over 25 years ago was founded in these early days as a reseller for marking and labelling solutions. Kyle believed that a more efficient marking solution must exist. Hence, he embarked on a journey that was to result in him becoming a world authority on marking, identification and traceability solutions. Partnering with overseas leaders in this exciting technology, Kyle established himself as an authorized distributor and has since brought the best solutions to Africa, for manufacturers seeking a permanent marking and traceability solution. As a specialist in the field of track and trace for many years, our product lines have grown to expand on new technologies including IoT.

Kyle has made valuable contributions to various industries for marking, identification, track and trace solutions. Although he remains passionate about this industry, Kyle has found purpose in fighting fakes, counterfeits, and illicit trade industries.