Ethics and food safety b

By Linda Jackson on 12 November 2018

Did you happen to read this article last week?


Only 48% of companies who strongly agree that ethics is integral to their organisational culture represents a drastic drop of 18% since the survey began in 2013.

Have to say, this is a little worrying in the light of the recent food safety scares in our country. Although the Listeriosis outbreak had a scapegoat, the ensuing concerns raised by colleagues in the food industry makes me think the problem is way deeper than a single brand.

Bearing in mind that, although the requirements of the King IV are only mandatory to JSE listed companies, the recommendations apply to all companies - large and small, public and private.

One of the key recommendations of the King IV is to ensure that directors or the governing body of any company, implement a risk framework that considers internal and external risks. In light of the increased focus on food safety, updated legal requirements and increased consumer awareness, it would be interesting to see how many companies have reviewed their risk management plans.


If you don’t have one – now would be a good time. Food safety is not just a nice to have – it is also your fiduciary responibiltiy.


“Leaders must lead. South Africa’s leaders need to give more attention to developing and utilising their human resources effectively, align their ICT strategy to organisational strategy, identify and manage both operational and external risks as well as be alive to developing trends.” IIA SA CEO, Dr. Claudelle von Eck, 


What does ethical behaviour look like in the context of food safety? We would like to hear your views