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Africa is on the right path to plastic-free continent says UN

02 August 2018

a A movement to completely eradicate plastic use in Africa is gathering momentum as more countries are adopting policies to help create the world’s first plastic-free continent.

Is activated charcoal infused food a health risk?

03 August 2018

a The ingredient used to create most black foods is activated charcoal, a trend which has swept over the world – the darker, the better. Activated charcoal is generally used as a potent natural treatment to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out, ess

These are the biggest fast food franchises in South Africa

30 July 2018

a South Africa’s fast food franchise landscape has had a great 12 months, with at almost 230 new franchise chains among the biggest brands opening in 2018 compared to last year.

Fighting hunger through recycling

01 August 2018

a One recycler has turned collecting other people’s rubbish into a business opportunity. South Africa’s high unemployment rate is one of the major issues faced by many South Africans. However, there are those who strive to overcome and tackle it.

Food Lover's Market to offer paper bags in Western Cape.

31 July 2018

a Food Lover’s Market, South Africa’s leading fresh produce retailer, today firmly established its continued commitment to a plastic-free shopping experience with the confirmation that paper bags will be available in Food Lover’s Market stores in the Western Cape as of 01 August 20

Many South African jobs could soon be automated, and the country isn’t prepared

01 August 2018

a Businesses around the world are cottoning on to the value of transferring labour from human workers to machines. Automation can increase efficiency and decrease labour costs. It helps employers to avoid complex challenges like wage increase demands, labour protests and strikes.

Drugged waters, how modern meds are turning into an environmental curse

04 August 2018

a The aquatic and human health consequences of pharmaceutical drugs entering the environment through wastewater treatment plants is not yet well understood.

The quest for animal-free food is reshaping what we call meat

06 August 2018

a As startups across the world race to bring slaughter-free meat to the market, it's forcing the industry to rethink how it defines meat

12 healthy food tips every traveling pregnant woman should know

05 August 2018

a Traveling can especially take a toll on pregnant women, so it's important to stay hydrated and keep a bottle of water on hand.Since flying on airplanes can be dehydrating, pregnant women should stay away from foods high in sodium and instead pack food that's rich in fibrous carbs

More than 1300 cases of diarrhoea reported in Mbombela municipality

07 August 2018

a A provincial government spokesperson says authorities are concerned as transmission of the infection seems to be moving from one area to another.

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