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Listeriosis: State to tackle Tiger Brands over patients' medical records

08 May 2018

Tiger Brands wants the names and health information of every patient who contracted listeriosis, including what other diseases they had and autopsy information, say inside sources – but the Health Department has fired back, saying it would not be legally permissible.

Listeriosis: Multiple products tested‚ but only Enterprise has outbreak strain

07 May 2018

Of the almost 600 Listeria-positive samples from food products and food processing plants which the National Institute of Communication Diseases (NICD) has performed its “DNA fingerprinting” on‚ only 13% were the outbreak strain ST6.

South African products still banned in Rwanda after listeriosis

07 May 2018

South Africa’s scientists might have pinpointed the cause of the listeriosis outbreak that started six months ago, but Rwanda is persisting with its ban on SA fresh produce – because the department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (DAFF) is dragging its feet on the paperwor

Why E. coli keeps getting into our lettuce

02 May 2018

Consumers have grown to love convenience salads, from tubs of pre-washed baby spinach to bags of chopped romaine. There’s only one problem with these modern-day conveniences: They’re regularly implicated in foodborne illness outbreaks.

Listeriosis highlights traceability in food supply

02 May 2018

The outbreak of Listeriosis according to the WHO not only highlights the importance of quality control in the food manufacturing process, but also through the food supply chain, says NEVILLE LEVINTHAL, head of business development at Braintree.

Economy Listeria hysteria sends pork prices tumbling

01 May 2018

South Africa’s pork industry took a heavy blow as the listeria scare sent prices tumbling and created a supply glut that the industry is still struggling to recover from - in fact the loss to the value chain of the pork industry could exceed R1 billion.

Stressed pig farmers get some help to bring home the bacon

01 May 2018

A R100-million pledge from a businessman and an online trading platform may save the South African pork industry from going belly up.

Britain urges takeaways to stop serving salad

23 April 2018

Salad is not always the most popular food choice, but a recent survey found that 99% of salads served alongside takeaway food are thrown away.

Govt holds meat firms responsible for listeriosis outbreak - Motsoaledi

20 April 2018

In answer to questions in Parliament about the management of the listeriosis outbreak, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said on Thursday that the companies which produce processed meat have the resourced labs to test products and should be held responsible for the listeriosis out

Reducing Listeria’s virulence

19 April 2018

Now researchers from North Carolina State University have identified several compounds that may be effective in containing Listeria’s virulence — or ability to produce disease.

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