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I was hoping you could tell me what the latest legislation is with regards to processed mushrooms in brine.




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Craig Mckenley - 10 months ago

I was planning to grow this mushroom called Psilocybe Villarealiae. Its a mushroom that contains psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. As to myself i really like mushrooms that releases a psychedelic effect not only that but it has many medical benefits too. You can read more information about this mushroom here in this article ..

Bridget Day - 2 years ago

Hi Anel - something for you, as promised

Bridget Day - 2 years ago

Hello again Anel,

We have additional feedback from Global GAP on your query:

GLOBALG.A.P. includes more than just food safety, there are regulations regarding:

# Health and Safety and Welfare of workers: eg licenses for forklift / tractor drivers, first aid, transport workers, storage gasoline / diesel tanks, housing of workers (if they remain on the premises)
# Environmental Conservation (if possible and they are not located in industrial area)
# Water as part of irrigation of substrates: if they withdraw water from boreholes (to water the substrate ) should then have permits / licenses in place
# Waste management (paper, plastic, “afvalsubstraat”, etc.)

In the National Interpretation Guideline for SA though the legislation is indicated as part of the document. The mushroom grower needs to see what is relevant for their industry and implement accordingly. The guideline is currently in the process of being reviewed and will soon be available on the website.

In terms of the warehouse, you can use all the standard legislation in the relevant country as for any warehouse - (in terms of Food Handling & Food Handlers)

# Water is used only for cleaning the warehouse (low risk)
# No Plant Protections Products (PPPs) are used directly on the substrate / product (not Applicable)
# No fertilizer (Not Applicable)

A good tool is the Codex, which also helps with food safety guidelines.

Christi Venter - GLOBALG.A.P. Expert / Product Development

We hope this is more help!

The Food Safety Team

Bridget Day - 2 years ago

Hi Anel, thank you so much for your post on our forum. We have hunted around and discovered some legislation pertaining to mushrooms - have a look here:,-Packing-and-Marking-of-Canned-Mushrooms-intended-for-Sale-in-the-Republic-of-South-Africa-R3,-Packing-and-Marking-of-Dehydrated-Vegetables-intended-for-Sale-in-the-Republic-R396,-Packing-and-Marking-of-Canned-Mushrooms-intended-for-Sale-in-the-Republic-of-South-Africa:-Amendment-R414,-Packing-and-Marking-of-Fresh-vegetables-intended-for-sale-in-the-Republic-of-South-Africa-R364

We're also putting together an article on the topic, and as soon as we have that posted, we will send you the link.

The Food Focus team