I have a client that would like us to pack for them. He requested if we can add the e-mark (next to the weight of the packet) I have been trying to get information for this E-mark certification (EU) - but so far the regular auditors and certifying agencies have been unable to help me.

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Mayibongwinkosi Ncube - 1 year ago

A bit late but this could be of help - You don't need to have certification to add the e-mark on the packaging just add it on the artwork. But you have to comply with the requirements for adding that ensuring your production processes encompass the weights and measures regulations see link below

Also as the e mark forms part of the weight declaration. Weight information is a mandatory labelling requirement and depending on the surface area of the packaging there are font size requirements that you have to conform to as well as field of vision placement requirements. See below FIC Regulations Reg EU 1169/2011 Article 13 (2- 3) & article 13(5)
The above EU regulations further detail labelling requirements that you will need to conform to if the product is going to be marketed in the EU.

Adele Krogh - 3 years ago

NRCS guide on page 30 of 44
“To enhance consumer protection by ensuring that the consumer will receive the quantity declared on the prepacked packages. The manufacturer may under certain circumstances affix put a special e-mark on his pre-packed products. This mark is not obligatory but, when used, it is a guarantee that the goods to which it is applied have been packed by mass or volume in accordance with SANS1841”
Link to SANS 1841 - cost R 308.94
Link to NRCS explaining the process
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