Do I need a license/permit to sell homemade beverages?


I am starting up a small business that produces non-alcoholic beverages (kombucha to be exact). Due to financial constraints I would like to start off at home. My property is in a residential zone and I have a big storeroom I plan to convert into a mini factory. Products will be bottled and shipped to retailers, nothing will be served on site. Do I need a business licence?

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Sunil Dogra - 4 weeks ago

Yes, dear you need to take a permission from Local Municipal to do your business legal.

Rajinder Singh - 2 months ago

Yes, you need a Acceptability Certificate to make a Beverage. And need a permission from your municipal.

Adele Krogh - 1 year ago

Good day yes you will need a Certificate of Acceptability because your are going to make a beverage that will be consumed by people. But before that you first need to get permission from your Local municipal - Town planning Department to determine if you can have a business from your residential home - suggestion make contact with your Environmental Health Practitioner in your area. Hope this will help.