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How can we improve the efficiency of handling food to reduce food waste?

07 May 2019

With up 90% of food wasted and lost before the product even reaches supermarket shelves Robin Travis, Managing Director at Renby Ltd explores how to improve the efficiency of handling food and erasing double handling

Maine just banned Styrofoam food containers

06 May 2019

The state’s ban on polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam, goes into effect in 2021. Maine just became the first state to ban Styrofoam food containers. The bill, which was signed into law on Tuesday and goes into effect in January 2021...

Slashing food waste: Major players urged to ‘Step up to the Plate’

06 May 2019

The government calls on nearly 300 organisations and individuals to pledge to significantly cut food waste ahead of a major gathering of key players.

F.D.A. seeks to usher in new era of ‘smarter food safety’

03 May 2019

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will develop a “Blueprint for a New Era of Smarter Food Safety” for how the agency applies new and emerging technologies to advance food safety.

When walking does you credit – Tiger Brands CEO trapped LBW

02 May 2019

CAPE TOWN — When a top brand strategist starts making value-system comparisons between your company leadership and woeful sports executives, you need to treat him as you would an umpire. Or at least...

Cheese fans raise a stink over plans for pasteurised camembert

03 May 2019

A bid to update the rules governing camembert's production by allowing the use of pasteurised milk has opened a rift in France, whose strict food denominations go back a century...

Last week, potato prices jumped by 43% in 48 hours – here's why

02 May 2019

Rain in the Free State disrupted potato harvesting last week, which caused a big jump in prices. Average potato prices rocketed by almost 45% across the country, and by Thursday a 10kg bag fetched R85 at the Durban market...

As Nestlé meets 77% of its deforestation goal, will others follow?

03 May 2019

Nestlé has achieved 77% of its goal to achieve zero deforestation within the supply chain of its agricultural commodities, according to a release. In 2010, the company made a commitment of no deforestation by 2020.

Biodegradable bag intact after 3 years in the sea - study

02 May 2019

If you buy a biodegradable shopping bag, you could be forgiven for thinking that you're doing the environment a favour. But a new study has found that this might not be the case...

Foodborne illnesses are on the rise, CDC finds

30 April 2019

The CDC investigated 23 multistate illness outbreaks last year, which was the highest number in 12 years, according to The Washington Post. The agency worked on E. coli outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce; looked into a salmonella outbreak related to...

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