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Instead of Excess Produce Going to Landfills, Companies Are Sending It Off to Be Dried into New Snacks

04 June 2019

Rather than letting excess produce go to a landfill, this California startup has started collecting food waste from agricultural companies in order to preserve the fruits and veggies as dried snacks.

The Burger Got A Makeover. Can Processed Foods Get One Too?

04 June 2019

Two things happened in May that should be a huge wakeup call for big food companies. First, the respected medical journal Cell Metabolism published a study that showed a direct relationship between highly processed foods and obesity...

China’s pig cull could benefit KZN beef and chicken farmers

03 June 2019

China’s pig cull could benefit KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) beef and chicken farmers as pork prices soar and China hoovers up available pork products resulting in shortages of breakfast staples such as bacon and pork sausages...

Air France warning after Listeria detected in sandwich

03 June 2019

Air France has issued a warning after Listeria was detected in tuna sandwiches served on certain flights in May. Servair, the supplier of the airline’s on-board catering service, reported the pathogen was found in the sandwiches from self-service on-board buffets...

Chicken industry welcomes the positive forecast on maize

03 June 2019

Matthew said the production of white maize is expected to be 3.81 percent higher than the April estimate. Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE) said claims by the local poultry industry that it faces increased input costs and...

Rebates under scrutiny in South Africa grocery inquiry

31 May 2019

Rebates offered by FMCG companies operating in South Africa to retailers give national supermarket chains an "unfair" advantage over smaller rivals, the country's competition watchdog has argued.

FDA: Most Date Labels are not Based on Exact Science

30 May 2019

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Americans (including consumers and the food industry itself) throws out $161 billion worth of food every year. Part of the problem, says the agency, is confusion over the meaning of dates on packaged foods.

Listeria deaths in France linked to raw milk cheese brand

30 May 2019

One woman has died and another has lost her baby due to listeriosis after eating raw milk cheese, according to French media reports.The raw milk cheese was produced by Fromagere de la Brie, the company was ordered to stop production...

How rewriting the way we make food can help fight air pollution

29 May 2019

We don’t talk much about air pollution.But we should, because the air we breathe is slowly killing us.Take for instance a report published by CHEST Journal in February 2019 which outlines how air pollution affects every organ in the body...

Ongoing Yersinia outbreak traced to fresh spinach; more than 50 sick

29 May 2019

An outbreak of Yersinia in Denmark and Sweden with more than 50 cases has been linked to fresh spinach. Statens Serum Institut, a public health research institute in Denmark, reports 20 people have been infected in the country. One person needed hospital treatment. The Public Hea

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