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KFC to remove plastic straws from 900 restaurants by 1 July

25 June 2019

KFC South Africa has officially announced the removal of plastic straws in over 900 restaurants across South Africa, helping to eliminate 60 million plastic straws a year.

More than 200 girls from boarding school in Limpopo rushed to hospital

24 June 2019

More than 200 girls from the Motse Maria High School have been rushed to hospitals around Polokwane after complaining of cramps and discomfort in their stomachs, the Limpopo department of education said on Friday.

E. coli ground beef outbreak 'appears to be over' after sickening 209 people in 10 states

24 June 2019

The ground beef E. coli outbreak, which sickened 209 people and led to two recalls, "appears to be over," the CDC announced this week.

SA food and beverage companies to participate in Africa Big 7 exhibition

20 June 2019

Twenty-three food and beverage companies will showcase their South African-made products at the annual Africa Big 7, an internationally-renowned trade show set to kick off in Johannesburg on Sunday...

Go beyond the audit, every day

20 June 2019

Go beyond the audit, every day. Our battle against pathogens entering the fresh produce supply chain is daunting.It seems there isn’t a week that goes by without an outbreak advisory warning and subsequent recall somewhere in North America, let alone the...

Are You Ready for the Honest Generation?

19 June 2019

Today, The Consumer Goods Forum and the global change agency Futerra launch new consumer research from the USA, UK, India and South Africa revealing a striking difference between what Millennials (23-28 years old) and Gen Z (22 and under) believe about the honesty of brands and r

Unsafe food claims over 400 000 lives every year

20 June 2019

Every year 420 000 people die, while 600 million fall ill around the world as a result of consuming unsafe food, according to the UN’s World Health Organisation.

SANDWICH DEATHS Two more patients die in listeria outbreak linked to hospital sandwiches

20 June 2019

TWO more patients have died in a listeria outbreak linked to contaminated hospital sandwiches, health officials have said.

Parents of Children who died from rat poison at Westdene Creche demands answers.

14 June 2019

The mothers of the two children who died after apparently ingesting rat poison at an illegally run preschool in Westdene say they want answers...

Study finds Listeria virulence depends on food type

14 June 2019

Scientists have found the virulence of Listeria differs depending on the food type, discovering that dairy products are contaminated with the most virulent bacteria.

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