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The Far-Reaching Impact of Embedding a Sustainable Workplace Culture for World Earth Day

23 April 2019

Today's observance is a great opportunity to put 'sustainability' into your mission statement if it's not already there.

South Africa offers vast opportunities for Irish Agritech exporters

23 April 2019

Ongoing uncertainty over Brexit has increased awareness among Irish companies of the need to diversify exports into new markets. In the agritech sector, where the consequences of a hard Brexit could be acute, South Africa offers...

Another food delivery app launches in South Africa

23 April 2019

“We’re seeing a growing trend of customers who don’t want to compromise on healthy eating, but that are also extremely busy and pressed for time. The new KAUAI app helps our customers save time by letting them order in the app...

Food defense has become a critical aspect of food safety audits

18 April 2019

Food defense is now an integral element in almost all third-party audit schemes, in particular ones from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

WHO says climate change could have ‘considerable’ food safety impact

18 April 2019

Climate change is likely to have considerable impact on food safety, placing public health at risk, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

CDC suspects ground beef as source of expanding O103 outbreak

17 April 2019

Ground beef, consumed at home or in restaurants, and possibly purchased in large packages from grocery stores just might be the source of the now six-state E. coli O103 outbreak, according to CDC.

Chicken Licken Home Deliveries Possible In the future - Report

18 April 2019

The company is reportedly currently in talks with Uber Eats, which already hosts Chicken Licken's biggest rival - KFC.

Listeriosis victims begin class action lawsuit for compensation

17 April 2019

Medical technologist Bolele Disenyeng, seen in a lab at The National Institute for Communicable Diseases in Johannesburg. The institute is dealing with the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa...

How a water safety plan could help avoid leafy green outbreaks

16 April 2019

As the California leafy greens growing season approaches, Bonduelle Fresh Americas, which offers vegetables, salads and fresh meal solutions, announced it has adopted a plan with its growers to make sure its leafy greens supply is safe through this year's growing season in Califo

Swift action contains swine fever outbreak

17 April 2019

The African swine fever outbreak on a game farm in North West does not pose any risks for South Africa’s commercial pig producers, according to the SA Pork Producer’s Organisation.

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