RASA request a review of restaurant restrictions

The South African Restaurants are urgently calling for restrictions to be further lifted with immediate effect.

The Restaurant Association Of South Africa is urgently requesting a review by President Ramaphosa and his newly appointed cabinet to consult and furthermore make the responsible decisions to imminently lift the restrictions on our restaurant industry.

Despite several and ongoing pleas for relief and compensation,The South African Government, The cabinet and The Minister of Tourism have failed to assist the requests for debt deferment for restaurants. We will continue to call on the relief of loans and leases.

We are still sitting with a vast amount of our staff on unpaid layoffs with no immediate relief from TERS.

We have highlighted the amount of restaurants that have closed and the hardship and suffering the restrictions have financially caused our industry alongside thousands who have lost their jobs.

COVID numbers are well below the anticipated numbers that hold history to keeping the country in adjusted Level 3. The vaccination roll is growing daily and meeting Government's numbers.

We as a restaurant industry will continue to ensure that we prioritise that the health and protocols of our restaurants are followed.

If you have any questions, require advice/guidance from RASA, please send us a Whatsapp.

The Restaurant Association of South Africa is here to serve the restaurant industry and to be the voice of the restaurant industry.

Wendy Alberts 083 661 9000

Ronaldo John 063 126 6758