Farmer blockchain project seeks funds to reach next level

A project spearheaded by six farmers hopes to develop blockchain technology allowing shoppers to trace their oats back along the supply chain.

The digital technology would allow consumers to trace their oat products and be confident that they are 100 percent gluten-free.

This would then provide a blueprint for other cereals and foods, according to the oat growers, who worked with SAC Consulting and data firm Wallet Services last year as part of trials.

These aimed to establish whether information could be practically accumulated on-farm and uploaded to a server to provide full and instant traceability at any stage in the supply chain.

The farmers are now seeking funding to recommence trial using apps, sensors and API to minimise the effort needed to input data at farm level.

Blockchain is a digital ledger into which information from different places can be entered and then linked together in a chain.

Source:  Farming UK