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Cargo thefts shift from electronics to food

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a shift in the freight and warehouse theft patterns, with the cargo of choice shifting from electronic goods to food, beverages and medical supplies, due to the high demand and rise in value.

According to a report by international freight transport insurer TT Club and business improvement company BSI, during lockdowns food prices spiked due to disruptions in production and transportation and individuals stockpiled food due to lockdowns. In the second quarter of this year, thieves more frequently stole food and beverage products and medical supplies, a shift from the incidents recorded in the first quarter involving thieves targeting electronic products.

“The increase in the value of food may explain the increase in theft during Q2 2020 when lockdowns occurred. On a similar note, medical supplies, which can include test kits, hand sanitisers, respirators, and personal protective equipment, were a high-value commodity during the COVID-19 outbreak,” the report states.


SOURCE:  The Citizen