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Requirements for an Environmental Monitoring Program

22 January 2018

HACCP Mentor - Environmental monitoring is essential to ensure that the environment where the food is being manufactured or prepared is safe. We need to make sure that the food production environment does not pose a risk to our food, ingredients, packaging or food handlers. In th

Preparing for an unannounced food safety audit

09 January 2018

HACCP Mentor - Unannounced food safety audits are all part of the norm if you are required to be certified to a GFSI recognized standard.  Depending on where you are located, you may also have your local food safety regulator visit your food business without warning.   In this ar

The most read HACCP Mentor articles in 2017

15 December 2017

HACCP Mentor - It is that time of the year where we start to wrap up and reflect on the past 12 months.  I am sure the year has been busy enough and hopefully you have been able to keep on top of all the changes to your local food safety legislation and customer standards. Keepin

The real cost of food product recalls

05 December 2017

HACCP Mentor - Food product recalls seem to daily occurrence around the world. Even though you may not have experienced one in your food business, it may only be a matter of time if you are not adequately prepared.  Welcome to HACCP Chat where educational information and intervie

How to develop an effective allergen management program

23 October 2017

HACCP Mentor - An effective allergen management program can mean the difference in ensuring that your food business produces food that will not harm the ‘at-risk’ consumer. In this post, learn the key elements that should be included in every allergen management program. What is

Top 5 questions you should be asking your food suppliers

10 October 2017

HACCP Mentor - Food suppliers can have a major impact on your food business and the products that you produce. With this in mind, it makes good business sense to make sure that they are doing everything within their responsibilities to ensure you only receive the best products. I

Understanding Genetically Modified Food Requirements

26 September 2017

HACCP Mentor - Genetically modified food has been available worldwide for generations. In the majority of countries, food growers and manufacturers have responsibilities for informing the consumer if the food they produce contains genetically modified organisms. In this post lear

How to identify chemical hazards in food

20 September 2017

HACCP Mentor - One of the requirements of completing your hazard analysis is for you to identify chemical food hazards. This is in addition to microbiological, physical and economically motivated hazards. In this post find out about the different types of chemical hazards that yo

Understanding the role of the HACCP Team Leader and PCQI

13 September 2017

HACCP Mentor - The first step in the HACCP process is to assemble a HACCP Team. For that team to be successful, the team should have a leader.  This concept is reflected in various (and sometimes confusing) forms – not only in food regulation but in customer food safety cer

How to undertake food safety monitoring in your food business

04 September 2017

HACCP Mentor - Food safety monitoring is essential to ensure that the food produced by the food industry is both safe and suitable for consumption.  Without it, how do you prove to regulatory authorities and external auditors that compliance obligations are being met? Read on to

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