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How to set up an integrated food safety system

30 April 2018

HACCP Mentor - In a perfect world we would just have one food safety standard for compliance. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of standards ranging from local and export food law, GFSI recognised standards and additional customer requirements. So how do you manage the policies,

How to stop product being packed into incorrect food packaging

17 April 2018

HACCP Mentor - It seems like a pretty easy concept but unfortunately packing food product into incorrect food packaging is an all to common practice within the food industry. This error of judgement, can have the potential to cause customer illness and will often lead to a food p

How to schedule your internal food safety audits

10 April 2018

HACCP Mentor - In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. This is no different when it comes to scheduling your internal food safety audits. From my experience, I have found that scheduling audits helps to ensure that your internal food

Verify your food labels with this simple check

03 April 2018

HACCP Mentor - Completing verification checks of your food labels can save your business thousands of dollars along with avoiding a food product recall. In this post, find out one of the simplest checks that you can implement within your food business to help avoid a whole lot of

What you should include in your Maintenance Program

27 March 2018

HACCP Mentor - Implementing a preventative maintenance program in your food business helps to keep your equipment and production running. But what elements should you include? In this post, discover six (6) key elements that every successful maintenance program includes. Identifi

How to complete record verification in your food business

13 March 2018

HACCP Mentor - Record verification is an essential component of any robust HACCP or food safety program. Without it, food safety issues may go unnoticed which can lead to jeopardizing the health of your consumer and your food business. In this post, find out the what, why and how

What is a contract service provider?

06 March 2018

HACCP Mentor - In the context of food safety and HACCP, a contract service provider can be defined as any person or organisation that provides a service to your organisation that can have an impact on your food safety compliance. Read on to see examples of common contract service

Easy ways to provide HACCP information to your customer

26 February 2018

HACCP Mentor - Providing HACCP information to your customers is essential in maintaining a good relationship. In this context, your customers could be food retailers, food manufacturers or food brokers / importers. This post shares the different types of HACCP information that yo

How to handle food contaminated with blood

12 February 2018

HACCP Mentor - Food contaminated with blood is in the media this week after it was reported that a family is suing Starbucks. Two years ago, they allegedly found a barista’s blood smeared on a cup containing their beverages. To avoid this type of incident occurring in your food b

How to review and assess approved supplier certificates

05 February 2018

HACCP Mentor - Requesting approved supplier certificates is an easy method to verify the performance of your suppliers. In this article, find out the key pieces of information that you should be reviewing on the 3rd party certification certificates provided by your suppliers. Wha

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