Entecom Accredited R638 Training Now Available Online



The R638 (Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises, the Transport of Food and related matter), which was promulgated in June last year, and which requires that the person in charge of a food premises attends accredited food safety training or is trained by health inspector, has brought a number of challenges with it to the food industry. With the R638 impacting every food handling business in our country, it means that the person in charge of every food business, even those such as the Fish and Chips corner store in Springbok and other remote areas, far from main cities, need to travel long distances to attend classroom training.

If you are a small business owner or manager, being away from your business for two or three days  can add quite a bit of stress to your life, especially when you have to incur the ever- increasing fuel costs to travel, consider safety issues, face traffic and find accommodation. In addition to this trying to keep your chin above the mountains of paperwork that the SETA requires at every stage of the training process is exceptionally tiresome and can suck the joy out of the training experience for both training provider and learner.

Classroom training is therefore not a practical solution for our SMEs in SA. With these challenges in mind, Entecom has been hard at work compiling a video-based online training solution which offers Online Accredited R638 Food Safety training for the person in charge.

With the assistance of our online LMS platform partner, Cumulus Blue, we have managed to uphold the SETA requirements, offering quality video-based training that is practical and engaging, whilst streamlining administrative processes considerably. Entecom has taken the lead, using technology to overcome challenges, and provides convenience, affordability and flexibility for the person in charge, which will not only assist with the R638 training compliance, but will hopefully be the start of the rotational pull of  the fly-wheel of positive change in food safety standards across our country.

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