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EHEDG Key Areas of Hygienic Design

EHEDG Goes Global:
Taking Food Hygiene Principles Worldwide

'European' may be the first word in the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group's (EHEDG) name but the organisation is going global. Why? Because the need for applied science-based know-how in the hygienic engineering and design of food production equipment and facilities knows no borders. And, with tremendous growth in membership beyond continental Europe in recent years, EHEDG is expanding access to its extensive suite of hygienic design solutions and expertise, no matter where food industries operate in the world.

Workshop Objectives

True to its Vision, EHEDG Regional Section South Africa was established in Oct 2019, to actively support the food industry in South Africa and neighbouring countries by working collaboratively with organisations and academia to improve Hygienic Engineering and Design standards, disseminating knowledge and best practices including EHEDG Technical Guidelines, training sessions and seminars. The section will also help to facilitate the inclusion of hygienic design and engineering in further and higher education courses.

This launch event will share how we aim to do just that!

Event Information

DATE: 16 September 2020

VENUE: University of Stellenbosch (Centre for Food Safety, Faculty of Agrisciences)

TIME: 09h00 – 16h00

More Information
Date: 16 September 2020 City: Stellenbosch
Venue: University of Stellenbosch Centre for Food Safety

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