AFMA introduces a new affiliate membership category

By: Animal Feed Manufacturers Association on 07 October 2021

AFMA introduces a new affiliate membership category

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) introduced a new Affiliate Membership category at the 74th Annual General Meeting held on Friday, 3 September 2021.

The new Affiliate Member category aims to provide an opportunity for registered companies that do not manufacture or trade-in animal feed products but are providing a service to the feed industry to be affiliated with AFMA.  These businesses include consultation services in nutrition, manufacturing, or IT systems, analytical services (laboratory), manufacturing equipment services, and other related industry associations or non-profit organisations (NPO’s) that are reaching out to partner strategically with AFMA.

The new membership category will not increase the contribution of AFMA feed produced in South Africa per se but will create a stronger collaboration within the agricultural industry, and in particular, the feed industry, to promote safe feed for safe food across all sectors. In addition, the new category also enables AFMA to focus their Code of Conduct audit scope on member facilities where the manufacturing, handling, and storage of registered animal feed products take place, such as at Full Member and Associate Member facilities.  Affiliate members of AFMA are therefore not required to verify compliance to the feed safety program (Code of Conduct) since they do not manufacture or trade-in animal feed products. Affiliate members of AFMA will enjoy the same membership benefits and will have the same annual membership fee as Associate Members, and they will be issued with an AFMA Affiliate member logo as a unique identifier. The new membership category of AFMA is bridging the gap towards a more inclusive, representative, and dynamic industry feed association.

For more information on AFMA Affiliate membership, including benefits and requirements, visit the AFMA website at and complete an online application form to submit a request for Affiliate membership.


About AFMA

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) is the official representative body of the South African feed industry in the livestock sector and plays a pivotal role in the larger agricultural environment. AFMA consists of animal feed and -ingredient manufacturers as well as suppliers of feed ingredients, and represent 100% of broiler feed production and 58% of total animal feed production in South Africa. AFMA provides a unified voice and promotes the animal feed industry as an integral part of the food chain to deliver safe, nutritious, and affordable food for all. For more information on AFMA please visit or contact De Wet Boshoff, Executive Director, at