WEBINAR | DSA - Importance of the dairy cold chain

By Food Focus on 04 October 2021


The dairy cold chain is indeed a chain that should be unbreakable!

The importance of keeping milk and other dairy products cold at all times cannot be over-emphasised.

The purpose of this presentation is to bring more clarity on the basic principles of efficient milk cooling, milk hygiene and quality, cooling technologies and calibration of thermometers.


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Rykie Visser

Rykie was born in Zimbabwe and studied at the University of Pretoria B Engineering and B Engineering Food processing Engineering

He worked as research engineer at ARC for 12 years before joining DeLaval in 1998.

He has been in charge of the Sub Sahara distribution network for DeLaval and stayed in Kenya for some time, managing the operations there. He worked directly with the dairy farming community, from ground level to top-level and was responsible for the training program of the Sub Sahara region as well as training coordination on farm level for dairy farmers.

He traveled to many African countries on a regular basis.

Rykie is also a regular guest speaker at many official agricultural occasions and presented numerous papers at International conferences in Israel, USA, South Africa, Sweden. He is also a writer of numerous articles for agricultural magazines.

He wrote and compiled work and training manuals for training dairy farm workers/managers. He was a co-founder member of the Institute of Dairy Technology of the MPO, and present technical and practical papers at many of these events.

Currently, he is the Africa Development Manager for Agrinet, the biggest wholesale distributor to the co-ops and hardware outlets in Southern Africa. His main task is to develop the Agrinet market segment in Sub Sahara Africa.