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National Quality Month

By Linda Jackson on 16 November 2016

National quality month

So, November is all about quality. The American Society for quality have dubbed it World Quality month. In South Africa, the South African Quality Institute dedicated last week as National Quality week and World Quality Day was officially celebrated on 10th November this year.


Improving the quality of life

The theme for this year’s National Quality Week was “Improving the Quality of Life”. This was also the theme of the seminar sponsored by Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings – one of our market hub advertisers.

This theme echoes one of the objectives of SAQI that being:

"We strive to improve the quality of life in the workplace, in our own families, societies in general and especially in the communities we serve."



Ian Huntly -

Founding Member of the Manufacturing Accelerator Programme TM commenced the proceedings with a reminder to all that although many organizations have all the right boxes ticked and multiple accreditations on paper, yet the wheels still seem to fall off. Real quality is a personal issue. If we are to improve the quality of life for all South Africans, it starts with you and me.


Dr. Lucas Moloi -

CEO of the Junto Group took this personal theme further by discussing the corporate social responsibility all companies share. According to him, improving the quality of life means ensuring employers understand and address the real issues facing their employees at home to ensure improved quality at the workplace.

Gideon Du Plessis -

From Solidarity SA discussed the labour trends in South Africa and overseas. Improving quality of life needs employers and unions to work together to find innovative ways to improve quality of life in a difficult economic climate.

Terry Booysen -

CEO of the CGF Research Institute highlighted the new requirements of the King IV report. He stressed that corporate governance is for all companies not just those who are listed and that quality of life in South Africa can only be improved in the absence of corruption.

Martin Sanne -

of the CSIR presented a fascinating paper on the Internet of Things. Given that the change in technology we will experience in the next ten years, is likely to exceed the change we have had on the last thirty years, he advised that South African manufacturers should embrace high tech. This will not reduce employment according to research, but it does mean that today’s high school students should be exposed to the possibilities of high tech. More focus is needed to ensure the country is gearing for this skills set for the next generation. He also shares some of the incredible opportunities for development that have been developed by the CSIR.


Willem Clarke –

CEO of Resolution Circle at UJ shared many of the success stories of start ups that the company has worked with. Henk Snyman - Gauteng Secretary, Tooling Association of South Africa shared the effect of the National Tooling Initiative to train quality artisans, a much needed set of skills to improve our economy and the quality of life for many South Africans.

All in all a quality event!

So what are you doing to improve the quality of life of your fellow South Africans? We would love to hear about your corporate social responsibility programmes. Let us showcase them!


For ideas on how to commemorate quality month 

The event...

1 Linda with Paul Harding – CEO of SAQI and Mike Smith, Systems Specialist at Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings – both on our market hub


2 Enjoying a futuristic journey with Martin Sanne of the CSIR


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