5 Meaningful ways to reduce household waste

By Guest Author on 28 August 2019

1. Collect bread tags

Get in to the habit of saving your bread tags. A useful hint is to keep a container in your bread bin and as you open a loaf of bread, place the tag in the container. Many schools and other community centres are drop-off points for bread tags.

For more information on how bread tags can help communities follow the link:


2. Collect bottle caps

In much the same way as bread tags, bottle caps can also be collected and exchanged for wheelchairs.

Follow this link to find out where bottle caps can be dropped off or even how to become a drop-off centre yourself:


3. Make eco bricks

Much of the plastic produced in South Africa is not recyclable in this country. Eco bricks are a clever and useful way to remove non-recyclable plastics from the waste stream.

The link below will explain how to make an eco brick, what they can be used for and where the drop-off points are:

4. Composting

Removing compostable waste such as vegetable peelings etc from your dustbin reduces smells from the bin and provides valuable nutrients for your garden.

The following article gives good advice on how to create an effective and efficient composter.

5. Kerbside paper recycling

Many areas have the “Ronnie Bag” system to collect paper and cardboard. If your area does not have this service you can follow the link below to find your nearest paper recycling drop-off point.



This article was written by Samatha Lange and Estelle Nienaber