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I have been working on the new R638 and found some "errors" on the Food Temperatures Table (Annexure E).

My logic tells me that the symbols in the first two rows are the wrong way around.  Certainly the required core temperature for frozen products should be -18 deg C or less, not greater than or equal to -18 deg C as the current symbol indicates.  And the same for the next line "-12 deg C".

I also don't agree with the analysis by Hahn & Hahn ( that Frozen fish and fishery products are also excluded from the -18 deg C requirement.  I think "Frozen fish and fishery products" was meant to be on a new line and should also have a core temperature of ≤ -18°C.

I also wonder if the last section of Annexure G wasn't accidently cut off by the use of a text box, as the last sentence stops mid-sentence... and if the sections "3(4) = Surface temperature"  and "4 = Presumption in respect of representative temperature reading" (from R962) should have been included in R638.

Please let me have your thoughts on this.

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