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Assuring Water Quality and Safety in Food Processing (Part 1)

29 March 2017

Most people take water for granted. In the United States, Japan and in Western Europe, all that an individual needs to do is turn on the tap at any time in the day or night to get clean, potable water. Water is used for drinking, cooking, washing and myriad other tasks.

How to be a water-saving superhero

22 March 2017

97% of the world’s water supply contained in the oceans leaving only 3% fresh water available for consumption and use. Today is World Water Day, so here are some more interesting (and concerning) facts about water

Meeting water and energy challenges in agri-food sector with technology

21 March 2017

Worldwide, the overall growth in demand for agricultural products will require a 140% increase in the supply of water over the next 20 years compared to the past 20 years. While the bulk of this demand will be from irrigation, food processing plants can also be water intensive.

Have you checked your water quality lately?

16 March 2017

If you have been watching the Vaal dam levels you would have seen the amazing change over the last few months from severe water restrictions to possibly too much water. The recent drought should have brought about significant water savings in your facility, but just because these

Cleaning without water in the food industry – pie in the sky?

17 September 2016

I experienced nothing short of a paradigm shock recently, when a client warned me prior to the audit of their facility, saying “we clean using water every 3 months”. My reaction was...

What should you being doing about the water crisis?

17 September 2016

So with water restrictions looming again we take a look at what you can do about this crisis. Use our handy checklist to make sure you have considered easy to implement practices

War on waste water in dairy processing

17 September 2016

In a country where water is such a precious commodity, the need to more to use this resources responsibly is obvious. Check your performance against best practice industry guidelines developed by the World Bank and IFC.

Regulations Relating To All Bottled Waters: Amendment

15 September 2016

Making sure your bottled water won't make you sick

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