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NICD Listeriosis Situation Report 14 March 2018, using data at close of business 12 March 2018

15 March 2018

A total of 978 cases has been reported since 2017. Since the last situational update (8 March 2018), 11 additional cases have been reported to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases.

Scientists may have new weapon to fight Listeria

14 March 2018

Researchers from North Carolina State University have pinpointed new compounds that may be effective in containing the virulence of Listeria, a bacterium that can cause severe food poisoning and death.

Food safety is OUR problem

12 March 2018

The last week has seen a record number of food safety articles in the press, on social media and all media channels. And it’s long overdue.It is always such a privilege to be able to provide comment on a story educating public on food safety issues...

Bill Marler on the Listeriosis Outbreak in South Africa

11 March 2018

Bill Marler shared his insights with food industry professionals at the Food Focus listeria workshop in March 2018. We chatted with him about his visit to South Africa, the listeriosis outbreak and what this will mean for the food industry.

How to eradicate Listeria from your kitchen or small shop

11 March 2018

Useful document from the National Institute of Communicable Diseases on How to Eradicate Listeria From Your kitchen or Small Shop

What Happened To Tiger Brands Could Have Happened To Any Business'

11 March 2018

"Tiger Brands are a responsible producer," says a South African hygiene and sanitation expert.

NICD Listeriosis Situation Report 8 March 2018

08 March 2018

967 cases and 183 deaths according to the latest situation report from the National Institute of Communicable Diseases. The damage has not yet run its course.

How to keep Listeria out of your Refrigerator

04 March 2018

You think you may have had products in your fridge which may have been be contaminated with listeria? So now what should you do? Here are some tips.

Media statement DOH: Source of Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa

04 March 2018

Official media release from the DOH names the source of the present listeriosis outbreak as the Enterprise food-production facility in Polokwane. Additionally, preliminary results show that several ready-to-eat processed meat products from the Enterprise facility located in Germi

Listeria - don't relax now, the challenge is not over

04 March 2018

We may have discovered the source of the ST6 outbreak strain of Listeria - but the issue remains - food facilities need to up their game and address the risks in their facilities, because they are under the spotlight.

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