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Health department and WHO put measures in place to prevent outbreak of listeriosis

02 November 2018

a The health department and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have put measures in place to strengthen food safety in a bid to prevent the outbreak of listeriosis.

Aerospace technology could enable farmers to produce more with less

01 November 2018

a The question is, how will these tools be put in the hands of most farmers?

Food safety at home

01 November 2018

a In an effort to promote food safety at critical points along the production and supply chain, we have been exploring preventative measures used to avoid contamination of our food. It is important to note that regardless of the amount of precaution you take when selecting your sup

World Food Awareness month: Innovation can help to create #ZeroHunger world

30 October 2018

a A world without hunger can be achieved if we are realistic about our challenges and use our resources wisely.As we celebrate food awareness month in October (in conjunction with World Food Day) and assess our progress towards achieving a hunger-free world by 2030, we cannot ignor

Wimpy and Steers will be plastic straw free in months – but cage eggs will be around for 6 more years

29 October 2018

a Famous Brands, the owner of Steers, Wimpy, Debonairs, and Fishaways, says it will complete the withdrawal of plastic straws from all its outlets in December.But consumer pressure around the use of cage-laid eggs will take a lot longer to show results.

Over 90% of sampled salt brands globally found to contain microplastics

29 October 2018

a Over 90% of sampled salt brands globally were found to contain microplastics, with the highest number coming from salt sourced in Asia, according to a new study co-designed by Kim, Seung-Kyu, Professor at Incheon National University and Greenpeace East Asia.[1]

Beehive theft cripples honey business

29 October 2018

a RAMPANT theft of beehives and the massive cutting of gum trees in KwaZulu-Natal’s Midlands and northern Zululand has threatened food production.

5 Animal-Free Food Breakthroughs (Including Foie Gras!)

25 October 2018

a Earlier this month, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a landmark report underscoring a stark warning to the world: To avoid disastrous levels of global warming, we must take “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.”

Cotton Seeds Could Be A Food Of The Future

25 October 2018

a When we think of cotton we just think of the fiber – the white fluffy stuff you see while driving down the highway. But there's a lot more to the cotton plant than that. In fact for every one pound of fiber cotton plants produce, about 1.6 pounds of cotton seeds are grown.

Big Agriculture eyes genetic tool for pest control

25 October 2018

a A controversial and unproven gene-editing technology touted as a silver bullet against malaria-bearing mosquitos could wind up being deployed first in commercial agriculture, according to experts and an NGO report published Tuesday.

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