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Rwanda bans imports from SA due to Listeriosis outbreak

18 January 2018

a Rwanda has banned imports of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit from South Africa as a result of the recent outbreak of the foodborne disease, listeria, across the country.

Public urged to seek urgent help for listeriosis

19 January 2018

a The Eastern Cape Health Department has urged all those who experience symptoms of listeriosis to seek urgent medical help.

South Africa’s Food Waste Crisis

24 October 2017

a Did you know that a third of the food produced in the world goes to waste every year? In South Africa, alone, one in five households are deemed food insecure. These are the frightening realities that we, as a country, and as the world, are facing in terms of food waste.

PnP plays catch up in convenience foods

31 October 2017

a A three-way battle is on for two million affluent shoppers. The aggressive move by Checkers into the prepared/convenience foods space has taken the market by surprise. Woolworths already plays in this space. Now, the country’s second-largest supermarket group, Pick n Pay, is play

SA will pay VAT on wholewheat bread

02 November 2017

a Consumers can expect to feel the pinch once the proposed scrapping of VAT zero rating on certain categories of bread which previously qualified as brown bread.

Sugar - the sweet way to ill health?

24 November 2017

a While consumers vent their frustrations over the increase of the sugar tax and attempts by companies to go the healthier route, research shows that increased sugar consumption has more cons than pros...

Uber partners with Checkers for food delivery

28 November 2017

a Retailer Checkers has partnered with UberEATS to make a number of its convenience meals and household essentials available to order on the UberEATS app.

Here’s when South Africa is set to run out of water – and why it could be good for our economy

16 January 2018

a While Cape Town’s water shortages continue to make headline news, a nationwide water crisis may also be on the horizon. However the threat and better management of this critical resource may actually be the economic savior of the country.

Supermarkets sold Lactalis infant formula despite recall due to Salmonella

16 January 2018

a A number of French supermarkets have admitted selling Lactalis infant milk formula that was subject to a recall due to Salmonella...

Could Cape Town residents save water by giving up meat

16 January 2018

a Research carried out following South Africa’s driest year on record in 2016 seems to spell bad news for all the carnivores of the Cape, in the fight to save water. Producing meat for human consumption takes up a hell of a lot of water. Figures produced by Water Foot Print suggest

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