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The student trying to solve the food waste crisis

15 August 2018

a Lawrence Okettayot is on a road trip across Uganda. He's spreading the word about a device he's created which could be a solution to Africa's food waste crisis.

Famous Brands: How their latest fiscal strategy looks set to benefit the business

14 August 2018

a Don't stress, Wimpy's is alive and well.

From Ritz crackers to McDonald's salads, food recalls and safety questions are on the rise

14 August 2018

a U.S. food safety regulators are recalling about twice as many products as a decade ago, pulling Ritz crackers, Goldfish and Swiss rolls off grocery shelves just last week, McDonald's salads about two weeks ago and Kellogg's Honey Smacks last month.

Bureau Verita advises businesses to get ahead of BRC 8 Food Standard

14 August 2018

a Bureau Veritas is urging businesses to act now in order to comply with the new BRC Food Standard Issue 8.

More Restaurants hit by Hepatitis A

13 August 2018

a For goodness sake, vaccinate – your employees! The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is warning of a possible hepatitis A (hep A) exposure after an employee of the Little Caesar’s Pizza, at 1731 West Kingshighway in Paragould, tested positive for the virus. Hep A is a contagio

Probe into food label needs

13 August 2018

a The Allergy Foundation of South Africa (Afsa) is investigating what information is and is not required on food labelling.

This new Cape Town by-law could directly impact your levies

10 August 2018

a While Cape Town should have enough water to last through to winter 2019 without the need for rationing, authorities have stated that restrictions will only be fully lifted if the dams hit 85% full.

5 ways we can make food production more nourishing for the planet.

09 August 2018

a Going into debt with nature is a dangerous thing. When our stocks of water, land and clean air are spent – we don’t have a second planet to borrow from. But that’s exactly the way that Earth is heading.

South Africa is the Most Food Secure Country on the Continent

08 August 2018

a South Africa is ranked as the most food-secure country on the continent and is 44th out of 133 countries worldwide, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2017 Global Food Security Index. The Index captures the most critical aspects of food security, namely; affordability

Land disaster: No jobs, no food in the farming sector

08 August 2018

a According to agricultural experts the farming and agriculture sector is in dire state, due to the falling economy, falling crop prices, drought, land expropriation, failing road infrastructure and high labour costs are killing jobs, with 55 000 people out of work since the beginn

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