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Local shop allegedly sells rotten food products to the public

24 August 2018

a A video showing members of Farmers United of South Africa (FUSA) and officials from the Department of Agriculture busting a local convenience store which is believed to have been selling spoilt food, including baby products that allegedly expired in 2016, has gone viral on social

Bistros go ‘naked’ against plastic

23 August 2018

a Five South Peninsula bistros have chosen to serve “naked” treats after meals to avoid single-use plastics.

Food price inflation: Get ready to pay R3000 for the 29 cheapest items

23 August 2018

a Cape Town - Food prices are rocketing due to the drought and the falling rand, and by next year the average South African family of four can expect to pay about R3000 for 29 of the cheapest food items.

How not to get food poisoning

22 August 2018

a Here is a short list of things not to eat these days: Fresh Express salad mix from McDonald’s, Del Monte vegetable trays, fresh crab meat from Venezuela, Hy-Vee Spring Pasta Salad, Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal (yes, they still make it), raw turkey (obviously).

Saliva changes how food tastes

22 August 2018

a Ever wondered why some people love certain foods like red wine while others hate it? New research suggests taste preferences are influenced by proteins found in saliva...

Use-by dates, shelf life and food waste

22 August 2018

a 2.9 trillion pounds of food is wasted every year, according to the United Nations. That’s the same weight as around 120.8 million elephants, 7.2 million blue whales or 7.4 trillion bags of salad.

Investigations into low allergy wheat breeds

22 August 2018

a Wheat allergy sufferers will welcome the news that researchers have made another step towards breeding low-allergy wheat varieties.

Food poisoning is a serious issue

22 August 2018

a With an alarming rise of food poisoning outbreaks, this year’s theme for the Australian Food Safety Week will be ‘Food Poisoning — take it seriously!’

Starch can replace normal plastic in food packaging

21 August 2018

a Eventually all petroleum-based material in food packaging will have to be replaced with bio-based material. Research done at Karlstad University shows that a mixture of starch and other polymers forms an equally effective protective barrier.

Academics to oversee research on waste management

21 August 2018

a In 2010, the waste sector was the second largest contributor to South Africa’s total methane emissions.

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