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These food prices will rise in coming months, Shoprite warns

28 February 2019

Amid all the other pressures in the economy, food inflation has been the one relatively happy place the past year.In its results this week, Shoprite reported that its prices only went up by 0.4% in the six months to end-December.

World's largest Nutella factory reopens after ‘quality defect’

27 February 2019

The world's largest Nutella factory restarted production on Monday after it stopped work for five days as a precautionary measure over a "quality defect", owner Ferrero's French branch said.

Call for closer collaboration between macadamia industry and government

27 February 2019

A large part of South Africa’s focus being on the Chinese market (estimate is that roughly half our crop lands there).South Africa’s macadamia industry is, together with Australia, the most sophisticated in the world.It is also the largest producer globally...

Confused By Expiration Dates? You’re Not Alone. Here’s What They Really Mean

27 February 2019

Most Americans are needlessly tossing out packaged food—not because it’s gone bad, but because they take the date stamped on it far too literally. That’s according to a recent study published in the journal Waste Management, which...

Depoliticise food safety

26 February 2019

Experts gathered this week in Addis Ababa for the First International Food Safety Conference have warned that food is an issue that needs to be depoliticised and prioritised to ensure improved health and wellbeing across the planet.

Will 2019 really be the year of the vegan?

26 February 2019

The Economist recently declared 2019 'The Year of the Vegan'. There can no longer be any doubt that veganism, and the embracing of a greater plant-based diet, is going mainstream.

Beneath the surface: South Africa's food system is in trouble

26 February 2019

The deep flaws in the way in which we produce our food were brought into sharp focus during a drive from the Lowveld to the Highveld.

SA’s meat processors give a million towards SU food safety initiative

25 February 2019

A donation of R1 million was handed over to the vice-chancellor of Stellenbosch University, Prof Wim de Villiers (front row, second from left), by executive committee members of the South African Meat Processors Association. It will further the work done by the Centre for Food Sa

SA frozen chicken meat imports hit record levels last year

25 February 2019

South Africa set a new record for the amount of frozen broiler meat that was brought into the country last year, importing R6 billion worth of chicken.

India toxic alcohol deaths jump to 143

25 February 2019

At least 45 more workers have died in northeastern India after drinking toxic liquor, police said Sunday, taking the death toll from the latest mass alcohol poisoning beyond 143.

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