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Brace yourselves Day Zero is unavoidable

18 January 2018

a "My dilemma is centred on how to communicate the urgency of the situation in Cape Town (and elsewhere), without triggering panic? How to be responsible without being alarmist?"

Food Production. An idea worth its salt

06 February 2018

a You turn the kitchen tap and there’s a brief splutter of brown gunk. Then nothing. So you walk into the dustbowl you once called your garden and watch what’s happening in the street. People are queuing for water already — and you know you need to...

Poultry tops global food safety watch list as 2017 ends

06 February 2018

a Food integrity issues involving poultry meat and poultry products grew 56.6% year-on-year internationally in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA).

Phatisa Food Fund 2 gets $10m from AfDB

27 November 2017

a Phatisa Food Fund 2 (PFF2) has received $10m from the African Development Bank Group to boost agriculture and nutrition across Africa. PFF2 will focus on food/consumer related investments including...

Sasol the most successful service station brand in SA

28 November 2017

a Food Retailers play an important role in the success of service stations, and fast food outlets are another integral part of the convenience offering at service stations

Raw meat-based products may harm pets and owners.

05 February 2018

a “The pathogens can be transmitted . . . to owners by direct contact with pets (sleeping with pets, licking the face, stroking the fur) or by cross-contamination of foods and utensils in the kitchen,”...

A Look Back at 2017 Food Recalls

08 February 2018

a For the third consecutive year, Food Safety Magazine has sorted through all of last year’s food recalls to provide an overview of how the food industry is doing. This year, we tallied recalls announced by...

Listeriosis litigation no doubt looming - legal expert

10 March 2018

a Cape Town - Without a doubt litigation is looming on behalf of the families of people who died because of the recent listeriosis infection, Rehana Khan Parker, an attorney specialising in medical claims, told Fin24.

5 Synthetic Biology Startups Making Fake Food

26 November 2017

a When you consider things like the fact pigs are at least as smart as dogs and chimpanzees, eating can present some ethical dilemmas. Synthetic biology startups are brewing plant-based foods that imitate the real thing, taking moral ambiguity off the dinner table.

Nestlé rings in big baby-food changes

18 November 2017

a Nestlé, the world’s largest packaged food firm, said on Wednesday it would reorganise its infant-nutrition business to improve performance, five months after the new CEO listed the category as one of its priorities for growth...

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