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Reducing egg contamination in a hatchery

11 March 2019

Egg contamination and antibiotic-free production in hatcheries were in the spotlight at the Ceva South Africa Poultry Summit held in Rustenburg recently.

Report: Maas didn’t make pupils sick; school kitchens are unhygienic

08 March 2019

A bacteriological report by Msunduzi’s Environmental Health Unit investigating a suspected food poisoning outbreak at two local schools has found that the environment in which pupils’ food was prepared was “unhygienic”...

South African industry falsely blames job losses on sugar tax

08 March 2019

Even before the sugar tax was introduced, key stakeholders in the sugar industry were arguing that it would cause massive job losses. Now, less than a year after its implementation, there are calls for a moratorium on the tax...

Government steps up to keep SA clean

08 March 2019

In an effort to promote responsible waste management leaders from all three spheres of government have set out on clean-up campaigns around the country as part of the Good Green Deeds programme.

Outrage over sick kids

06 March 2019

Emotions ran high during a school meeting at Sombongangani Primary School on Monday as fuming parents demanded answers on how their children became sick, allegedly after eating amasi provided by the school’s nutrition programme last week...

Ban ‘killer chicken’ imports from Brazil – SA Poultry Association

06 March 2019

Imports from Brazil are not only killing the local industry, but could kill consumers because of salmonella risks, the body’s boss says.The department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries has been asked to ban chicken and poultry products imported from Brazil after several heal

Chlorinated chicken: How safe is it?

06 March 2019

Fears over chlorine-washed chicken and other US farming practices have been described by US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson as "inflammatory and misleading".

McDonald’s wants you to ‘Know Our Food’

06 March 2019

McDonald’s has launched a programme of transparency through which they are telling their customers exactly what goes into their food, emphasising how fresh and real their ingredients are.

Sovereign Foods announces merger with Cold Storage Group

05 March 2019

Sovereign Foods, the third largest poultry producer in South Africa, announced its merger with the Cold Storage Group (CSG), an Eastern Cape wholesaler of poultry and value-added poultry products.

FDA Bans Cancer-Causing Food Additives, but Won’t Enforce Until 2020

05 March 2019

Americans are no strangers to food additives: the preservatives, coloring and flavoring agents that keep foods looking fresh and taste better. A product of our desire for fast, cheap and satisfying eats that underscores our detachment from actually fresh...

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