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Poppy seed bread in France found to contain dangerous levels of morphine

14 March 2019

French health officials are investigating the presence of morphine and codeine found in poppy seed baguettes and ready-made sandwiches made with poppy seed bread.

Food Groups, Tribes Concerned Over Genetically Engineered Salmon

14 March 2019

Genetically engineered salmon are one step closer to winding up on store shelves, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lifted an import ban. It’s a move that’s concerning to tribes, food groups and environmentalists.

Recycling initiatives create jobs

13 March 2019

It starts with throwing a plastic bottle out of a moving taxi but it ends up affecting the quality of food on your plate and the water you drink.

Urgent action needed to reduce arsenic in infant rice cereals, says study

13 March 2019

Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF), an alliance of scientists and child health advocacy organizations, is calling for urgent action by cereal makers, the FDA and parents to remove high-arsenic cereals off store shelves and out of infants’ diets.

Pretoria east restaurants accused of polluting bird sanctuary

13 March 2019

The food outlets are in violation of city bylaws for dumping solid waste such as fat into the Walkerspruit in Brooklyn, which pollutes the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary.

More Checkers stores are being radically transformed – to include coffee stations and ‘wine cellars’

12 March 2019

Shoprite says its 'FreshX' Checkers stores are performing ahead of expectations.It is now speeding up the conversion of a third of its existing stores.The new format stores have coffee stations, sushi bars and wine shops that look like cellars.

Big week for South African citrus

12 March 2019

The new South African citrus season is here, and there are many challenges ahead

Survey proves SA still clueless about salt content in food

12 March 2019

We live in a fast-paced society, where take-outs and ready-made meals reign supreme, but these are often laden with salt.

‘Fake balsamic vinegar’ scandal as Italy uncovers major fraud case There’s more to discover…

12 March 2019

Investigators believe frausters may have used cheaper grapes to make vinegar that was then passed off as authentic balsamic

Grain SA initiative to help farmers get financing

11 March 2019

Grain SA (GSA) recently announced that it will dedicate R5 million to serve as collateral to help black potential commercial farmers unlock financing.

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