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Imported eggs suspected in Durban's Salmonella outbreak

09 November 2018

a Salmonella bacteria, most likely from contaminated eggs, has put at least 30 people in the greater Durban area in hospital, and sickened many more.Social media reports posted by people who’d contracted salmonellosis after eating at the upmarket Old Town Italy restaurant in Umhlan

What Is the Best Way to Wash Fruits and Vegetables?

08 November 2018

a Consumers are understandably nervous about the new romaine lettuce growing season in the Yuma, Arizona region after the large E. coli O157:H7 outbreak that was linked to that product earlier this year.

Ethics not part of the workplace say SA’s audit executives but governance guru Mervyn King says situation not as dire

08 November 2018

a These are some of the worrying sentiments revealed in the 2018 Corporate Governance Index Report released today. The results intensify the spotlight on the lack of resources in internal audit and, say experts, reveals severe inadequacies in leadership.

It would require a ‘monumental shift’ for sustainability to top the corporate agenda

08 November 2018

a Significant commitments on issues like food waste or plastic pollution would suggest that sustainability is moving up the corporate priority list.

Centre for Food Safety launched by Tiger Brands and Stellenbosch University

07 November 2018

a Tiger Brands in partnership with Stellenbosh University has launched the first Centre for Food Safety in the country.Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Tiger Brands Mary-Jane Morifi says the centre was born out of the recent listeria outbreak.

Setting the seal on material challenges in food applications

07 November 2018

a There are many challenges facing manufacturers of equipment and appliances for use in food applications, not least which materials to select for food-contact components and seals.

Takeaway bosses jailed over teen's allergy death after manslaughter conviction

07 November 2018

a Megan Lee, 15, suffered an immediate reaction to a takeaway meal and died two days later after suffering a fatal asthma attack.

What is single-use plastic? Why you should start recycling from home?

06 November 2018

a South Coasters Taryn Burns, her daughter Savannah and professional surfer Royden Bryson are on a mission to save the ocean and are calling the community to join them in this quest to become ‘ocean friendly’.

SA poultry farmers must boost their efficiency to compete, says US official

06 November 2018

a SA poultry farmers must raise their efficiency to compete, says Ted McKinney, undersecretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs in the US agriculture department.

Listeriosis: Cape Town woman has been hospitalised but cases taper off

06 November 2018

a Sporadic cases of listeriosis continue to affect South Africans even after the outbreak that killed 180 South Africans was declared over earlier this year.Only last week, a 37-year-old woman from Tafelberg, Cape Town, was hospitalised after she was diagnosed with listeriosis.

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