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Tiger Brands may not find how deadly bacteria entered its plant

21 June 2018

a Tiger Brands may never know how a strain of bacteria linked by the government to the world’s deadliest outbreak of listeriosis entered its factory.

Municipal raid finds food on shelves 5 years past sell-by date

21 June 2018

a Food that expired five years ago is being sold on “special” in Umzimvubu shops, prompting Umzimvubu municipal bosses to issue an urgent health warning to thousands of residents in KwaBhaca (formerly Mount Frere) to check expiry dates on their purchases.

We tested 5 alternatives to plastic straws and found a clear winner

29 June 2018

a We tried five re-usable alternatives to plastic straws now available in South Africa for between R15 and R95 each, plus shipping – compared to the around R1 each for "premium" disposable plastic straws.

Climate change set to accelerate listeriosis crisis

12 June 2018

a Climate change has been overlooked in the discourse surrounding the recent listeriosis outbreak in SA - but scientists have now warned how hot weather extremes, altered rainfall patterns and water scarcity from climate change could fuel more listeriosis outbreaks in South Africa

Piggeries may get minister's assistance

13 June 2018

a Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana said they would find ways to assist small-scale piggeries affected by the listeriosis outbreak which wiped R1 billion off the pork industry.

Food safety agency on the cards, after deadly listeriosis outbreak

11 June 2018

a The government has decided to work towards the establishment of a food safety agency, in the wake of the outbreak of the fatal listerioris that has killed more than 200 people.

Better governance can enhance an inclusive and just food system in South Africa

16 May 2018

a Food security and food safety do not feature strongly in the laws, policies, and programmes of most municipalities in South Africa.Where it does, it is mostly concentrated on food production, rather than facilitating access to safe food.

Listeria hysteria

01 February 2018

a At least 82 dead in South African listeriosis outbreak — source continues to be a mystery. Why is South Africa experiencing the deadliest outbreak of listeriosis?

DayZero Will our meat be safe?

02 February 2018

a We're trying to prepare for #DayZero as best as we possibly can, but what about those factors outside our personal control – like the safety of our meat?

South Africa: Lunch in the Time of Listeria

19 January 2018

a South Africa: Lunch in the Time of Listeria - How to Protect Your Family and Pack a Safer lunchbox

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