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The status of egg production in SA

04 October 2018

a Local is Lekker! SA Poultry Association reassures consumers that South African eggs are of freshest, safest top quality and high nutritional value.

Cutting salt, sugar and plastics is great. But beware the potential food safety risks

04 October 2018

a We all know the amount of salt and sugar in our diet needs to be reduced, but perhaps a forgotten fact is that they have been used as food preservatives for many hundreds of years

Fake honey scandal widens to Australian-sourced brands

03 October 2018

a One in five samples of local honey sourced along the eastern seaboard of Australia, including boutique brands, has been found to be fake, deepening the global scandal over the impurity of honey.

Taste is key in promoting insect-based food

03 October 2018

a New study finds promoting enjoyable aspects of insect-based food is more effective than highlighting health or environmental benefits

Millers suspend supply of flour to Zimbabwean biscuit firms

03 October 2018

a The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) notified all millers on Monday of the suspension of self-raising flour to biscuit and confectionery firms to ensure continuous supply for major bread bakers.

Food labeling being transformed by the 'good food' movement

02 October 2018

a Consumers are increasingly looking for foods with clean labels. Unfortunately, the terms “good food” and “clean label” have no regulatory definitions.

South African Consumers Urged to Tighten their Belts, Food Price Hikes Warning

02 October 2018

a Consumers have been urged to tighten their belts once again with economists warning that food prices will be going up as the cost of fuel hits record highs.

A better way to predict meat safety problems

02 October 2018

a Maple Leaf already uses barcodes and scanners to track ingredients. Next year, it will start a pilot project to use predictive algorithms on food safety data

New Index to tackle food safety scourge and threat to African Health and Trade

02 October 2018

a The African Food Safety Index (AFSI) launched today will help to tackle the burden of foodborne diseases that a recent global assessment found to be comparable to that of malaria, HIV/AIDs or tuberculosis.

World first: Nestle is leading food companies in using satellite service to monitor palm oil supply

01 October 2018

a Nestle has become the first food company worldwide to execute the use of the satellite-based Starling service to monitor all of its palm oil supply chains globally.

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