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7 foods a food safety expert never eats

01 February 2018

a “If I had a rule that I follow, it’s that I eat things that are well-cooked or that are cold, because bacteria tend to not do well at hot temperatures and tend to not grow at cold temperatures,” Marler told TODAY. “There’s just some good common sense when you’re not controlling t

Government will support listeria litigation says Motsoaledi

09 March 2018

a The Department of Health says it will help families who want to take legal action against companies that sold products containing the listeria bacteria. A hundred and 80 people have been killed by the disease since December last year.

Pizza Hut opens 100th store in sub-Saharan Africa

23 March 2018

a Pizza Hut opens its 100th store in Sub-Saharan Africa in the historic Ghandi Square, Johannesburg. Pizza Hut restaurants now trade in 13 Sub-Saharan African countries, with an additional 90 stores in Morocco, Egypt and Algeria, bringing the total to 190 across the African contine

140 New drought resistant seeds unveiled

27 November 2017

a 140 new drought-resistant seeds unveiled to address food insecurity. The new varieties of seeds released included maize, beans, sunflower, sorghum and potatoes, and four others...

What is Rising CO2 in Our Atmosphere Doing to Our Food?

25 November 2017

a Research is starting to build what shows to be a disturbing trend in the nutritional quality of our food. As carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are rising in our atmosphere, the amount of minerals and proteins in plants are dropping...

Salad growers urged to review hygiene measures

03 December 2017

a An outbreak of an aggressive strain of Fusarium wilt has been reported in UK lettuce crops for the first time, with growers being urged to look out for symptoms to aid early diagnosis.

Technique developed to spot impurities in ground beef within minutes

29 November 2017

a Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have found a better way to identify unwanted animal products in ground beef, their new method can accomplish all of this in less than five minutes...

Kellogg cuts sugar in top three children’s cereals

03 December 2017

a Kellogg announced plans to cut the sugar content of three of its top children’s cereals Kellogg announced plans to cut the sugar content of three of its top children’s cereals

5 Burning Questions About The Rise In Foodborne Illness

01 December 2017

a Unfortunately, it’s not just the revenue that’s on the rise, because food borne illnesses too are making the headlines as of late. Talk about spoiling (no pun intended) the fun, eh?

Food prices to rocket, farmers warn

27 November 2017

a As the Black Friday euphoria disappears, South African consumers are about to be hit by high food prices this festive season because of the lingering effects of drought, Agri SA warned on Friday.

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