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5 Synthetic Biology Startups Making Fake Food

26 November 2017

a When you consider things like the fact pigs are at least as smart as dogs and chimpanzees, eating can present some ethical dilemmas. Synthetic biology startups are brewing plant-based foods that imitate the real thing, taking moral ambiguity off the dinner table.

Nestlé rings in big baby-food changes

18 November 2017

a Nestlé, the world’s largest packaged food firm, said on Wednesday it would reorganise its infant-nutrition business to improve performance, five months after the new CEO listed the category as one of its priorities for growth...

Slowdown in food inflation set to ease burden

05 February 2018

a Average middle-income earners spend 28% of their salary on food, so the stable inflation environment will bring much-needed relief at the till, say economists, who have noted slight improvements in the prices of staples such as bread and cereal.

Deaths from listeriosis outbreak now top 100

07 February 2018

a The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) announced on Tusesday that the number of confirmed listeriosis cases is now 852‚ and 107 people have died‚ the death rate - based on the outcome data for 355 cases - now sitting at 30%.

Improving efficiency of water heating for the food manufacturing industry

12 February 2018

a Among manufacturing sectors in Australia, food makers trail only behind the mining industry as the biggest spenders on energy.The combination of inefficient energy spending and...

Genetic tweak makes plants use 25 Percent less water

07 March 2018

a Researchers on Tuesday unveiled a genetic modification that enables plants to use a quarter less water with scant reduction in yield.

How Cape Town’s water crisis could hit construction in the city

04 March 2018

a With a number of major developments currently underway in Cape Town, its becoming increasing clear that day zero – the day that the taps officially run dry – could have a major impact on the region’s construction industry.

Vincent Pallotti installs own water filtration plant

03 March 2018

a Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital is the first private hospital in the Western Cape to go completely off the grid since the installation of its water filtration plant.

Drought nails potatoes onions and fruit

01 March 2018

a “We have to work with farmers now to find out how best we can support them to stay on-farm and support the industry as a whole‚” Winde said.

South Africa introduces sugar tax

04 April 2018

a South Africa’s Sugary Beverages Levy has come into effect this week, and is expected to raise the price of sugary soft drinks.

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