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Sugar tax millions should be used for diversification in the industry

25 September 2018

a There has been heated debate between those who call for higher “sin taxes” and those who blame increased taxation for the recession. The Health Promotion Levy or “sugar tax” has been highlighted and questions are being raised about whether this new tax will really change South Af

Eating food cooked on wood or coal may be bad for your lungs

24 September 2018

a Love to eat food cooked on the barbecue? Beware, it is associated with increased risk of respiratory illness or death, researchers have warned.

Food insecurity rising in Africa

24 September 2018

a A third of all people living in sub-Saharan Africa face severe food insecurity. They do not have enough money, or the resources to grow food, and regularly go for more than a day without food

Recall of Belleisle Foods Cole Slaw For Possible Listeria Updated

21 September 2018

a The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has updated its food recall warning issued on September 18, 2018 for Belleisle Foods Cole Slaw to include more product information. That product is being recalled for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination...

Chicken Is the Number One Cause of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks. Here's How to Stay Safe

21 September 2018

a More than 9.4 million people get sick every year from eating contaminated food, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Raw chicken – even frozen breaded kind – requires safe handling

20 September 2018

a The Public Health Agency of Canada released a statement last week advising Canadians to handle and prepare frozen raw breaded chicken products properly and safely, following a dozen outbreaks...

The 5 biggest things South Africans are cutting back on to save money

20 September 2018

a South African consumers are under increasing pressure according to Nielsen’s latest Consumer Confidence Survey – which showed a 5-point decrease in South African consumer confidence to 90 in Q2, 2018.

Technology used by NASA could end food shortages and save trillions of dollars

19 September 2018

a As organizations grapple to find solutions to the twin problem of resource shortages and food waste, technology used by NASA could provide a timely solution.

Research shows agri renaissance possible for Western Cape

19 September 2018

a An “agri renaissance” of higher yields, reduced costs and improved nutritional value of foods is possible for the Western Cape’s R50bn agricultural economy if the farming sector, government and education institutions work together to harvest the benefits of the smart technologies

Demand for sustainable products transforming the supply chain

19 September 2018

a To support sustainability and transparency, industry is working toward common goals such as securing the supply chain, reversing the effects of climate change and improving collaboration among players.

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