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Supermarkets sold Lactalis infant formula despite recall due to Salmonella

16 January 2018

A number of French supermarkets have admitted selling Lactalis infant milk formula that was subject to a recall due to Salmonella...

Could Cape Town residents save water by giving up meat

16 January 2018

Research carried out following South Africa’s driest year on record in 2016 seems to spell bad news for all the carnivores of the Cape, in the fight to save water. Producing meat for human consumption takes up a hell of a lot of water. Figures produced by Water Foot Print suggest

1 in 10 experienced ‘high’ losses due to food fraud–survey

16 January 2018

One in 10 experienced high financial losses due to food fraud...

Food made from 'ugly' produce could be a beautiful business opportunity

15 January 2018

A growing number of manufacturers are meeting consumer demand for mission-based, sustainable and plant-based food by developing products made from "ugly" produce. Last year, Dieffenbach's Potato Chips launched its line of Uglies Kettle Chips, made from surplus potatoes and spuds

Invisible Sentinel launches RT PCR assay for brewing quality

13 January 2018

Invisible Sentinel has launched a real-time PCR platform and assay to detect Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.

USDA proposes modernizing food safety in egg plants

13 January 2018

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS) is proposing to modernize food safety inspection systems at egg products plants.

Global potato processing market to surpass $3,500m by 2025

13 January 2018

Potato processing is carried out to meet the significant demand arising from various applications of processed potato such as processed food, animal feed, biofuel, and glue.

New Vegan Egg Replacer Could Change Food Manufacturing for Good

12 January 2018

British starch specialist, Ulrick & Short has made an all-vegan egg replacer and it could be a game changer!

WWF and partners use blockchain for tuna traceability

10 January 2018

WWF has introduced blockchain technology to the Pacific Islands’ tuna industry to tackle illegal fishing and human rights abuse. (08/01/2018)

Economic impact of listeriosis not yet quantifiable

10 January 2018

It is too early to determine the impact of the listeriosis outbreak on the economy as the source of the outbreak has not yet been identified, according to an economist.

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