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Melon grower responsible for Australian listeriosis outbreak named

14 March 2018

Percolating since January, the Australian listeriosis outbreak linked to rockmelons resulted in four deaths out of 17 confirmed cases before authorities named the grower that produced the contaminated cantaloupe.

Horse meat imports into SA have jumped

12 March 2018

South Africa imported 80 tonnes of horse meat in 2017 according to data from the International Trade Centre, a United Nations agency.

Meat suppliers in mad rush to be listeriosis-free

11 March 2018

Processed-meat producers are scrambling to convince customers that their products are safe to eat. Several suppliers competing for market share with Tiger Brands Enterprise are pushing the department of agriculture‚ forestry and fisheries to clear their brands of the pathogenic

Richard Spoor Attorneys, Marler Clark hit Tiger Brands with lawsuit

11 March 2018

The lawsuit is filed on behalf of the families of people who died after eating processed meat contaminated with listeria produced by Tiger Brands.

Listeriosis: Class action looms after polony panic

11 March 2018

As calls mount for the families of the 183 people who died from the listeriosis outbreak to launch a class action, Tiger Brands CEO Lawrence MacDougall believes it’s still too early to make that decision.

Lawyers invite victims to sue over listeriosis outbreak

11 March 2018

Johannesburg - Victims of the listeriosis outbreak, the world's worst outbreak according to the World Health Organisation, will be invited to sue the owner of the factory named as the source, a human rights lawyer said Sunday.

Listeria can affect your dogs: signs of listeria in pets

10 March 2018

With listeria being in the news after the source of the nationwide outbreak was determined as Enterprise Foods, several concerned pet owners are worried about their pets who have consumed some of the contaminated products.

Listeriosis litigation no doubt looming - legal expert

10 March 2018

Cape Town - Without a doubt litigation is looming on behalf of the families of people who died because of the recent listeriosis infection, Rehana Khan Parker, an attorney specialising in medical claims, told Fin24.

Government will support listeria litigation says Motsoaledi

09 March 2018

The Department of Health says it will help families who want to take legal action against companies that sold products containing the listeria bacteria. A hundred and 80 people have been killed by the disease since December last year.

Listeria Hysteria - Food Technology & Manufacturing

08 March 2018

Why is South Africa experiencing the deadliest outbreak of listeriosis? That's a question that local residents and health authorities have been trying to understand over the last few months, to no avail.

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