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DayZero Will our meat be safe?

02 February 2018

a We're trying to prepare for #DayZero as best as we possibly can, but what about those factors outside our personal control – like the safety of our meat?

South Africa: Lunch in the Time of Listeria

19 January 2018

a South Africa: Lunch in the Time of Listeria - How to Protect Your Family and Pack a Safer lunchbox

SA seen planting 17% less maize hectares next season

26 October 2017

a Farmers may switch to other crops due to price competitiveness, agricultural economist says.

Cape Town fighting several diseases

20 January 2018

a JOHANNESBURG - The City of Cape Town’s Health Department remains on high alert as concurrent disease outbreaks run their course.

DayZero pushed out to May

07 February 2018

a DayZero pushed out to May but Capetonians urged to continue saving water

Ban on unrecyclable plastic shopping bags in Western Cape

08 October 2017

a Cape Town – The DA-led Western Cape government has been mandated to pass legislation to prohibit the sale and distribution of plastic shopping bags that aren’t 100% recyclable. This after a motion to this effect was passed at the DA’s Western Cape Congress on Saturday.

Change on the horizon for water management in SA

18 October 2017

a The government has taken another vital step towards finalising the water management structures of the country with the latest proposal by the minister of water and sanitation for the reserve determination of the water resources of two catchments.

Flies carry even more bacteria than believed

27 November 2017

a But a new study suggests the insects carry far more dangerous bacteria than previously thought, meaning sandwiches are best avoided if they have been contaminated by flies, including salmonella, e-coli and even bacteria which lead to stomach ulcers and deadly sepsis.

South Africa boasts two of the world's 100 best cities for foodies

29 November 2017

a It takes more than Michelin-starred restaurants to make a city a great destination for food. Cape Town, which ranked 48th, and Durban which took the 69th spot feature in the list.

How can SA reverse its water crisis

22 November 2017

a South Africa is on the verge of a major water shortage according to a new report published by the WWF-SA and BCG. The study highlights the consequences of the issue and examines possible solutions.

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