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Four days‚ fourteen deaths: fatal listeriosis outbreak continues to kill

19 January 2018

Fourteen deaths in four days. That's what the National Institute of Communicable Diseases’ latest listeriosis outbreak report reveals.

South Africa: Lunch in the Time of Listeria

19 January 2018

South Africa: Lunch in the Time of Listeria - How to Protect Your Family and Pack a Safer Skaftin

Public urged to seek urgent help for listeriosis

19 January 2018

The Eastern Cape Health Department has urged all those who experience symptoms of listeriosis to seek urgent medical help.

Rwanda bans imports from SA due to Listeriosis outbreak

18 January 2018

Rwanda has banned imports of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit from South Africa as a result of the recent outbreak of the foodborne disease, listeria, across the country.

Brace yourselves Day Zero is unavoidable

18 January 2018

"My dilemma is centred on how to communicate the urgency of the situation in Cape Town (and elsewhere), without triggering panic? How to be responsible without being alarmist?"

JHD combats spread of Listeriosis

18 January 2018

On Friday, January 12, health promoters, press control operators, business licensing officers and environmental health practitioners embarked on a health blitz around Signet Terrace.

Dozens of brands of ice cream bars now on recall for Listeria

18 January 2018

A Listeria-related ice cream bar recall that started Jan. 5 with less than 400 cases of frozen treats now includes additional flavors and brands, totaling close to 29,000 cases sent to more than 35 retail chains across the country.

Nine cases of Listeriosis confirmed in NMB

17 January 2018

The number of people who contracted potentially fatal listeriosis infections in Nelson Mandela Bay has risen sharply from two to nine, the Eastern Cape Department of Health said today (17/01/18).

What happened the last time Listeriosis broke out in South Africa?

17 January 2018

South Africa is in the fearful grip of the largest ever Listeriosis outbreak in recorded human history. The disease has so far claimed 67 lives from 748 reported cases since the back end of last year.

Here’s when South Africa is set to run out of water – and why it could be good for our economy

16 January 2018

While Cape Town’s water shortages continue to make headline news, a nationwide water crisis may also be on the horizon. However the threat and better management of this critical resource may actually be the economic savior of the country.

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