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New Index to tackle food safety scourge and threat to African Health and Trade

02 October 2018

a The African Food Safety Index (AFSI) launched today will help to tackle the burden of foodborne diseases that a recent global assessment found to be comparable to that of malaria, HIV/AIDs or tuberculosis.

South Africa's food and beverage industry a key driver for future economic growth

01 October 2018

a With South Africa having the most advanced and refined food and beverage market on the African continent, Frost & Sullivan believes in a 4%-7% estimated growth in the sector by 2020. The agricultural, agro-processing and food and beverage industries provide an abundance of opport

World first: Nestle is leading food companies in using satellite service to monitor palm oil supply

01 October 2018

a Nestle has become the first food company worldwide to execute the use of the satellite-based Starling service to monitor all of its palm oil supply chains globally.

City prioritises food safety

01 October 2018

a The recent increase in ‘fake foods’ across the country has prompted concerns about just how safe food is for consumption in Cape Town. The City of Cape Town has announced that its Health Department is in the process of establishing a ‘Specialised Food Control Unit’ that will focu

Woolworths pulls organic baby spinach from shelves

01 October 2018

a Why did packs of Woolworths’ organic baby spinach disappear from its shelves recently? The short answer is its organic certification has been called into question after several rounds of independent testing.

World Environmental Health Day: Urging us to look after the environment

29 September 2018

a The theme aims to support the provision of more safe food, to make use of precious water and nutrient resources, and for communities to increasingly value sustainable food production.

Future of farming: Robots, bees & plant jacuzzis

28 September 2018

a The future of food production lies in our ability to exploit every resource at our disposal, from bots to bees.

From food to climate change: why planting trees really counts

28 September 2018

a Trees That Count talks a great deal about the importance of planting native trees as part of the fight against climate change...

From field to fork in 2030

28 September 2018

a As awareness of climate change and waste grows, the way we produce and consume food has to change, and new technology could be the answer

The secret superheroes of food shopping

27 September 2018

a Colin Elkins, global industry director for process manufacturing at IFS explains how many of the smart systems and processes just emerging in the food production supply chain have been part and parcel of factory practice for years.

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