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Human error major cause of food loss in manufacturing, claims study

04 January 2019

A new study has identified human errors stemming from insufficient training and a lack of standardised procedures as major drivers of food loss during manufacturing.

4 Ways Food Producers Can Avert Recalls and Lawsuits

04 January 2019

There were more than 200 food recalls in 2018. When recalls happen, it is highly damaging to a company’s reputation and it instills fear in consumers. Along with risking people’s health and lives, brands are sometimes faced with millions of dollars in lawsuits, which can leave th

Pocket-size food scanner

03 January 2019

According to a study by the environmental organization WWF Germany, ten million metric tons of food are thrown in the garbage every year in Germany despite still being edible. A mobile food scanner will allow consumers and supermarket operators in the future to test whether food

Just Chill! Refrigeration and Food Safety

28 December 2018

Did you know that your refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your kitchen that ensures your food is safe? Imagine the discomfort you go through when a rubber goes bad, the compressors stop working, or even worse, an all-day power cut which leaves us wor

How to minimise Christmas waste

26 December 2018

This extra waste amounts to a staggering volume of trash, given that the worlds’ cities generated more than two billion tons of solid waste in 2016, amounting to 0.74kg per person per day.

Talking Turkey on Food Safety

24 December 2018

Experts are warning that up to one in three Christmas guests could be at risk of the potentially deadly Listeria infection

Food safety tips for happy holidays

21 December 2018

The Christmas season is here, and many will be gathering around the dinner table devouring their favorite holiday meals. Oklahoma State University wants to make sure you keep food safety tips in mind when preparing those holiday meals.

Festive food poisoning

19 December 2018

You’re cooking dish after dish in preparation for the big Christmas feast. Perhaps in your hurry you under-cook the chicken; some uncooked meat juice drips on to a salad in the fridge...

Here’s why you should never eat raw cookie dough

19 December 2018

Here’s why you should never eat raw cookie dough. I know it’s delicious, but you just shouldn’t eat it raw...

Tips offered for safe cooking during holidays

17 December 2018

Holiday party planning begins now for many families, and Phillip Lee Craighead of Servpro is offering some reminders to area residents to help ensure this season glows with the warmth of good food and good friends, and not with the glare of a devastating home fire.

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