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Borehole rules? Can you use sea water to flush?

30 January 2018

Cape Town - GroundUp asked readers to send questions about the water crisis for the City of Cape Town to answer. We selected and edited the best ones. Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson, mayoral committee member for Safety and Security and Social Services JP Smith and City of Cape Town spo

Keeping standards high to ensure companies stick to regulations

29 January 2018

France-based certification and testing service provider Bureau Veritas expands its offering in South Africa.

Water crisis not just in Cape Town

26 January 2018

Eastern Cape’s situation just as desperate, with dams running dry, fewer alternative sources. People are always talking about Cape Town‚ Cape Town‚ Cape Town because the mother city is a big tourist attraction but we are actually worse off...

A third of L. mono cases have link to domestic behaviour

26 January 2018

A third of listeriosis cases are due to growth of Listeria monocytogenes in food prepared and stored at home in the refrigerator, according to estimates.

Emmanuel Mwamba cautions SA on food exports to Zambia

25 January 2018

Zambia has requested the South African Government to put precautionary health measures in place to ensure that all its food exports to Zambia are free from a food borne disease called Listeria.

Restaurant chain leads the no-straw revolution

24 January 2018

"Ocean Basket seafood chain has taken leadership in the industry by banning its use, as well as plastic packets for customers to take their “doggy bags” home in by saying: “It’s the last straw”.

Murky world of the imported meat industry exposed

24 January 2018

A recent episode of Special Assignment looked into how unsafe imported chicken ends up in consumers' pots. "South African consumers face serious health risks from imported chicken, and are misled by retailers who stock incorrectly labelled imports...

Scientists tackle coastal food security

23 January 2018

Climate change measurements show that the western Indian Ocean is warming faster than any other part of the world’s oceans...

PE, Cape and Joburg insist drinking water is safe after Listeriosis scare

23 January 2018

Cape Town – The cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth on Thursday insisted that drinking water in the metropolitan areas was safe for consumption, following a surge in Listeriosis outbreaks countrywide...

Plastics suffocating environment

23 January 2018

Cape Town - Despite the use of plastic products being reduced by companies who’ve abandoned single-use plastics and regulations which have been put in place to discourage the use of plastic bags, our plastics industry has seen a rise in production.

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