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140 New drought resistant seeds unveiled

27 November 2017

140 new drought-resistant seeds unveiled to address food insecurity. The new varieties of seeds released included maize, beans, sunflower, sorghum and potatoes, and four others...

Flies carry even more bacteria than believed

27 November 2017

But a new study suggests the insects carry far more dangerous bacteria than previously thought, meaning sandwiches are best avoided if they have been contaminated by flies, including salmonella, e-coli and even bacteria which lead to stomach ulcers and deadly sepsis.

5 Synthetic Biology Startups Making Fake Food

26 November 2017

When you consider things like the fact pigs are at least as smart as dogs and chimpanzees, eating can present some ethical dilemmas. Synthetic biology startups are brewing plant-based foods that imitate the real thing, taking moral ambiguity off the dinner table.

Shoprite promises chickens & eggs for Christmas

26 November 2017

Deputy General Manager for food buying at Shoprite Checkers, Jaco Brand said: “So far we’ve managed to keep the shelves full. We’ve been working very closely with all our major produces just to ensure that we have sufficient stock for Christmas...

Mugabe's successor & the 'poisoned ice cream' plot

25 November 2017

Emmerson Mnangagwa believes that he was poisoned in a failed assassination attempt, which resulting in him being airlifted to South Africa...

What is Rising CO2 in Our Atmosphere Doing to Our Food?

25 November 2017

Research is starting to build what shows to be a disturbing trend in the nutritional quality of our food. As carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are rising in our atmosphere, the amount of minerals and proteins in plants are dropping...

Sugar - the sweet way to ill health?

24 November 2017

While consumers vent their frustrations over the increase of the sugar tax and attempts by companies to go the healthier route, research shows that increased sugar consumption has more cons than pros...

How can SA reverse its water crisis

22 November 2017

South Africa is on the verge of a major water shortage according to a new report published by the WWF-SA and BCG. The study highlights the consequences of the issue and examines possible solutions.

Reducing Food Loss & Waste

22 November 2017

If "food waste" were a country, it would be the third-biggest carbon dioxide emitter in the world.And it's a blow to 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide, costing them at least 15 percent of an already-precarious income...

Workshop to address sanitation at schools

21 November 2017

WORLD Toilet Day (November 19) is an occasion to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. 1.5 million more children under the age of six lived in households without a toilet or a ventilated improved pit latrine in South Africa.

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