M&M’s maker, Mars, breaks ties with industry group in push for transparency

New York — Confectionery group Mars, which makes M&M’s candy and Wrigley’s gum, on Monday published its policies on conducting and funding scientific studies for the first time, as it plans to break ties with an industry-backed organisation.


Mars, a private company in a particularly secretive industry, has become increasingly outspoken in recent years as consumer distrust emerges as a growing concern for Big Food. The company said it wanted to boost transparency amid an increasing need for research on health, sustainability, and food safety and security.


Large food makers are struggling with stagnating sales growth of their core products as consumers say they want healthier, simpler ingredients.


Mars, which also makes pet food, broke ranks with the industry in 2016, when it publicly supported nutrition recommendations to limit added sugar.


The candy maker also plans to leave the International Life Sciences Institute, or ILSI, by the end of 2018 and to publicise its standards for scientific research on its website, said its vice-president of public affairs, Matthias Berninger. "We do not want to be involved in advocacy-led studies that so often, and mostly for the right reasons, have been criticised," Berninger said...



Source: Business Live