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2 000 jobs lost in listeriosis outbreak, MPs told

02 July 2018

a Parliament - President Cyril Ramaphosa says the outbreak of listeriosis has had a considerable economic impact on the meat-processing industry. The Department of Trade and Industry has undertaken a preliminary investigation into the economic and employment effects of the outbreak

A ‘new normal’ for water security

02 July 2018

a Speaking at the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) 2018 Conference, two well-known environmental activists in the water sector spoke on the sustainable future of water and advocated for integrated planning that adapts to the new normal, and using similar approaches to thos

Scientists grapple with why listeria bug turned so nasty

02 July 2018

a At the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) scientists are picking apart a monster that claimed the lives of 212 people. That monster is sequence type 6 (ST6) listeriosis, and now that the outbreak is over scientists are trying to understand what made this bacteria

Listeriosis shows need for care in entire farming chain

09 July 2018

a It’s up to all in the agri industry to develop a culture of caring about every step in the process. Diligence and vigilance come from understanding the impact that even the smallest action or activity has on the ability to deliver the best-quality food to dinner tables.

Retailers launch Mandela Day drive to collect 250 tons of food for needy

10 July 2018

a Retailers Pick n Pay and FoodForward on Monday urged South Africans to reach the goal of collecting 250 tons of food in three days to provide more than a million meals to the needy during this year's Mandela Day Food Drive.

State under fire over lax food safety regulations

11 July 2018

a After the recent listeriosis outbreak that claimed the lives of more than 200 people, the department of health has come under fire for lax food safety legislation.

27% mortality in world's largest ever listeriosis outbreak

12 July 2018

a Between 1 January 2017 and 24 April 2018, 1053 laboratory-confirmed listeriosis cases were reported to the NICD in South Africa. This is by far the worst documented outbreak of the foodborne disease ever — far more serious than the second-largest listeriosis outbreak

The new Pick n Pay 'plastic' bag can be used as compost in your garden

04 July 2018

a Pick n Pay introduced South Africa’s first compostable supermarket bags at its V&A Waterfront store, Cape Town, on Tuesday. The bags will only be available on Tuesday (in celebration of International Plastic Bag Free Day), but a nationwide roll-out is planned.

Astounding stats show how much South Africans love chicken

12 June 2018

a KFC in Africa uses 2.2 million chickens a week to feed particularly South Africans' craving for the country's most popular fast food. Chicken is South Africa’s most consumed animal protein and while it remains the most affordable meat on the market, there is a strong lobby to hav

Tiger Brands may not find how deadly bacteria entered its plant

21 June 2018

a Tiger Brands may never know how a strain of bacteria linked by the government to the world’s deadliest outbreak of listeriosis entered its factory.

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