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Don't worry, we know it's easy to get lost looking for the right info! So we have compiled a list of some useful ones webistes to help you out... because we're all about helping you make sense of the maze!


Food safety or environmental health complaint?


Contact the local municipality. You can some useful website details here.


Also try for the latest database details


You need to contact the Environmental Health practioner in the area.


This applies to food safety, noise, waste removal, pollution



Consumer with a complaint?


You must lodge the complaint with the company. Do this is writing.


You can ask for further advice at the National Consumer Commission:



Need legislation pertaining to the food industry?


We can help you on our website - view Legislation


You can also try these websites - view website info



Thinking of starting your own food business?
(i.e. you'll need a certificate of acceptability)


You need to contact your local Environmental Health Department.


Food businesses need a licence to operate. Before opening any business find out what the requirements are. You may not begin trading in a business that requires a licence before the licences has been issued. Trading without a valid licence is punishable with a fine of up to R2 000. Licensing is governed by the Business Act No 71 of 1991. 


You will need to apply at the Municipality and submit your documentation for approval. There are several departments that will need to inspect your premises before issuing a recommendation.


If you are a hawker or food truck owner the SAME requirements apply



Planning an event where food will be sold?


Make sure you have permission and have consulted your municiplaity


The event organiser must:

  • Inform Environmental Health about the upcoming event
  • Produce a certificate of acceptability from caterers if food is to be served
  • Apply for exception to noise compliance if it is an open-air event
  • Have a waste management plan
  • State if all service providers are to have specific accreditation to enter the venue
  • Consult with Environmental Health on the following requirements: waste, water, sanitation and food
  • Ensure that venues and accommodation establishments such as hotels have been approved



Running a business where food is served ?
(e.g. elderly care facility or childrens’  facility)


You also need to be licenced as above.



Looking for South African food standards?


Have a look here:



Looking for international standards from ISO?


You will find them here:



Looking for Codex standards for food?


This is the place to look:



Need to know what additives may be added to food?


This document will be particularly useful:



Other useful industry websites


The Chilled Foods Association


This organisation offers great advice for manufacturers:



International Life Sciences Institute


Great publications but can be heavy reading



International Labour Organisation


Loads of info on health and safety issues in the food sector


Useful Websites when Starting a Food Business in South Africa 



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