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Upgrade your certification experience today

By on 12 May 2017

View the latest newsletter from Progress Excellence - discover how to upgrade your certification experience today.

Ant Management

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 03 April 2017

Keeping ants out of your plant can be seen as a three-stage process starting on the outside of the facility and working inward. “You have to realize that ants need only a tiny little crack to get in,” said Cisse Spragins, CEO, Rockwell Labs.

What do food facility auditors really want?

By Food Safety Tech on 29 March 2017

Third-party audits are critically important to food companies. They are the primary tool your customers use to determine if adequate food safety systems are in place. This article covers some of the strategies and tactics you should employ to maximize your chances of a successful

Finding the Right Registrar (Certification Body)

By ISO Update on 16 March 2017

Organizations that have successfully implemented a management system may choose to seek certification by an independent third party audit from a registrar/certification body (CB). Certification can serve as a valuable tool to add credibility and to demonstrate...

The Story of a Toolbox

By on 07 March 2017

This is not a toolbox talk, this is the real thing. Toolboxes have been in the firing line in the food industry for years because none are very hygienic. Here is the story of how a hygienic toolbox finally came about.

500 New labour inspectors deployed - here are the FIVE things they'll check

By FSP Business on 28 February 2017

Towards the end of 2015, the Department of Labour hired 500 extra labour inspectors in Johannesburg alone. And what's on their agenda? To catch as many companies as possible who aren't complying with the over 70 changes to the labour laws that happened in the last few years!

The difference between workshops and SETA accredited training

By Janice Giddy on 17 February 2017

There is still a lot of confusion in the industry regarding the difference between workshops and SETA Accredited training. Companies are often unaware of the benefits of accredited training for their staff. In this article we aim to highlight the differences and ...

Food safety wisdom from the maintenance department

By Pieter de Waal on 08 February 2017

In this article written by our newest contributor, we get some food safety tips from an engineer, one with years and years of experience in the trenches of food companies. Good advice – you should read this and share it with your maintenance colleagues – they will definitely enjo

Digilex revamps their web-based Food Safety Suite

By on 08 February 2017

DigiLex, our web based SHEQ Management System, now also includes our revamped Food Safety Suite which will run in the same way as our other disciplines (Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality, Energy, Corporate Compliance) including a layman’s terms interpretation of the law...

Poisonous Packaging: Food Legislation that’s been around since 1929

By Linda Jackson on 04 November 2016

What does the law say about your packaging? I get asked the question a lot. So we went to look for you.

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