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Surprise surprise…it has to taste good.

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

There has been increasing focus on food safety is the past decade and rightly so. But what about the quality of the product? If we are only doing micro testing but no taste testing we are going to start experiencing problems according to the experts.

Practical allergen control measures – we ask the expert - Part 2

By Ron Timm on 30 October 2016

Allergen management is not just about sticking a “may contain…” label on products. A formal documented control system should be in place addressing each step in the process from receiving through to dispatch. There are some tricky areas that needs more in-depth discussion. We ask

What the HLS actually means to you? Less is more

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

We constantly complain about the number of standards we have to comply with. It’s an international problem. So finally we have a solution on the horizon for some standard. It’s the ISO HLS. We explain the acronym and what it means to you in practice.

5 tips for making the most of safety posters

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

They say a picture says a thousand words. Safety posters are a great way to communicate a message and reach a large number of people without actually having to speak to each individual person on a daily basis. But make sure you use them in the right way. Here are some key tips yo

Bakery safety hazards – how you can beat them

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

The smell of warm baked bread can dull one’s senses but this should not be case when identifying hazards in the workplace. Our walkabout highlighted a few too many. We put them to music! See how you can improve safety in your bakery while humming a tune.

Practical allergen control measures – we ask the expert - Part 1

By Ron Timm on 25 October 2016

Food recalls happen daily. These are reported and published in the US. An analysis of a sample of recalls reported recently in the US showed that more than 60% were due to the presence of undeclared allergens. This is a topic which needs to be given high level attention by food m

Latex Allergy in the Food Industry

By Harris Steinman on 24 October 2016

Are your gloves making you sick? In this article, South African allergy expert Dr Harris Steinman helps us to understand the issues with latex sensitivities and the implications for the food industry.

General Code of Practice for Medical Surveillance

By Yvette Montalbano on 24 October 2016

Have you been looking for an example of a standard operating procedure for medical surveillance? Here we go – this will be a useful guideline to help you set up your procedure.

Sustainability for the long haul - a case study special edition

By Food Quality & Safety on 19 October 2016

Sustainable manufacturing and processing, which reduces raw materials waste and minimizes refuse, is more than a passing trend for companies both large and small during this economic recession. As companies using such practices see it, sustainability attracts consumers. But more

Is increasing obesity contributing to the water shortage - virtual water in the food basket

By Andrew Murray on 19 September 2016

With water restrictions looming yet again, the question has to be asked - what is the food industry doing about this scarce and precious resource. Well firstly - do you know how much you are using and how much you are wasting in your process?

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